Thank you for the wonderful feedback on yesterday’s post. I hope it helps you to have all the love for all people, no matter their color.

Speaking of color, I thought I would highlight a few black owned businesses today. I found them different ways, but many were shared with me. So I’m sharing, too.

Anyone who knows me knows I love paper. This cute little shop has some fun and very reasonably priced treasures. Check out Paper and Stylo.

Julien and Kiersten have a terrific website about how they help others live rich and REGULAR lives, by getting out of debt and increasing net worth. They paid off $200k in debt in five years! Check out rich and REGULAR.

I have found some amazing recipes here as I have transitioned my life to mostly plant based eating. Check out Sweet Potato Soul.

Another great website for plant based eating, as well as Que just being a lovely person. Check out Cooking With Que


I have all the love for this adorable fixer upper in New York – I want to live here!


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