At Small House Great Love, we are always trying to improve . That sometimes takes some uncomfortable growth. We may have to branch out in ways we never wanted to or couldn’t even imagine. It can often be messy and feel like a hot mess. Why would we want to take that on?

I don’t know about you, but I have a few thoughts to walk through.

  • We have the option to grow. We are not an object to be acted upon, but a person in possession of one of God’s greatest gifts – agency. We get to choose! We can choose blah or we can determine to flourish. How we use that gift is up to us.
  • Being stagnant stinks, just like a pond with no movement. Day after day can be a lot the same, and even though it’s comfortable, it can get a little boring. I sometimes find myself going through the motions of my day without a lot of thought – I’m just doing my thing. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it’s not very intentional. If each day only happens once, shouldn’t we make them the best we can?
  • I get antsy. Sometimes I feel frustrated and I can’t really put a finger on why. Usually when I look back on my day, I can see that I didn’t change or grow much at all. I don’t have to make huge strides each day, but I want to at least be aware and give it some effort. 
  • There is power in deciding to grow. When I make the decision to become something more, like for example a basket weaver, a better friend, a more devoted plant lover, I am making things happen. I have some control. And even if I don’t attain what I’m after, I feel powerful even when I make a commitment to myself.
  • Progress feels good. I like to do yoga. I love the stretching, reaching, and the positions to hold for strength.They feel GOOD, especially when I’ve gotten through them. I feel energized, strong, and alive. I feel that same energy with all kinds of things when I stretch, reach, and put myself into strong positions while I try to branch out.
  • There is joy in accomplishment. When I choose to make room for growth and then pull it off, you know I’m giving myself a high five. And even if I didn’t agree to the growth opportunity (unintentional misstep, pain caused by someone else, worldwide pandemic), I can at least find some peace in trying to get on top of the situation..
  • Because it is Easter this week, Jesus Christ is on my mind more than ever. Because of HIs Atoning sacrifice, there is hope for growth. I recognize that I get to choose, that I have been given talents and abilities to develop, and that I can find joy in the journey. But it is because of Christ and His grace that I can make the most of them.

How does all of this fit in at Small House Great Love? As we feel alive and progress, we can create space for what we value. Even making the commitment to become more will light a fire in our lives, and we begin to see the potential for adding meaning and purpose to each day.

Today only happens once. Make it awesome.

What do you think? Can you see the the great things you can do as you choose to? Let me know!


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