Monday, I shared what our small bathroom looked like when we bought our house, and how we made it work better for us while we waited to renovate it. 

Then the time came for us to get on with the complete overhaul. 

Let’s continue the journey, shall we? 

While Darren was in charge of the big stuff, like pulling out a bathtub, insulating and replacing some walls, and other such fun, I took on some other projects.

We wanted to give this small space some personality, while concealing the several layers of paint on the walls. Did you know Lowe’s will cut any wood you purchase there? It is free for the first 5 cuts, and 25 cents each after that. So worth it. We needed cut wood for planks!
Here they are stacked up in the garage ready to go. 

I primed these before we brought them in the house. Even though there are primers that are labeled “interior”, you want to have a ton of ventilation using them. (We learned that the hard way – what a stink it makes.) Outside is so much better.


I just love our Sesame Street paint sheets. These are from when our boys were little. So many memories of snuggling with books, toys and blankets with those little ones. Now it’s great to paint every now and then and go down memory lane.


This is what Darren was up to.




Look at those walls and that floor! Not the final look we are going for, but so not blue. 


It’s amazing how good it felt to get all this removed and cleaned up. We were so excited to finally renovate this bathroom – It was a long time coming bringing this room out of the 1950s.
Next week I’ll share all the installation and wrapping up glory.

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