Let’s finish this story up today. 

I’ve shared several in a series of how our small bathroom went for it’s 1958 faded glory to the updated dynamo it is today. Check them out




After Darren got the tub and shower up and running, we could move on to the rest of the bathroom. Bathrooms need floors and walls before you can install toilets and sinks.
Here is where we left off on the floor:

What we needed next was a template to cut out the vinyl flooring we picked out. And here is where our son Liam helped the most. He gave us some old math homework pages to tape together to make the exact cut-out for the floor.
His comment:
“Finally, a real life use for math.”

After this fun art project we taped it to the vinyl piece and cut it out.
It’s hard to cut a brand new piece of vinyl floor. But we did it. Obviously.

Because we are working with such a little space and we would have a toilet and a vanity to hold it down, we only used adhesive around the edges.  (And you can see a little of the tub in this photo.)

It’s a little challenging to see how good this floor looks in photos. It is a speckle-y gray, white, gray-green color kind of thing with very fine glitter. We love it and it has held up perfectly.
Here is another view. We are happy to have something calm and almost disappears.

Because we were planking the walls and planning to space the boards with a tiny gap, we first painted the drywall (original!) white, just in case there was some show-through. Plus, it felt good to get everything on the same page (meaning white).

Here is what we covered up with the planks:
  • Giant opening from original medicine cabinet.
  • Old not centered light fixture hole above the mirror.
  • A really icky finish on the walls – not sure what has happened with them over the years, but the paint we painted just a few years before was already flaking off. 

So to add some charm and solve so many issues, we planked them. We love the farmhouse-y look and totally wanted to plank a wall somewhere in our house. This is just the spot! (We also planked the two half walls that formerly hosted blue tile.)
Darren got his level out and we had lots of fun getting these boards up. We used dimes to put between the planks as spacers (nickles were too chubby) and we developed quite an efficient system. 

I love working with Darren and love that he lets me use the air-nailer gun. 
At every stage as we install something, I think to myself – “This is my favorite thing!”. Seriously, this bathroom has so many great elements now!

We are so thrilled with how this bathroom turned out. We had a vision to bring this baby up to date, and we did it while staying pretty close to our original budget, which rarely happens.

Here are a few after photos for you to get the whole lovin’ vibe.

We’ve got storage, brightness, charm, whiteness, and personality all rolled up into a great bathroom that fits our needs and flows with the rest of our home. 

Thanks for taking this tour with us.  We love DIY and renovations, especially when a space limitation and/ or a budget challenge us to be creative. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe got your creative juices flowing.

2 thoughts on “BATHROOM PART THREE

  1. Alex Bullock says:

    Liam’s comment is my favorite! 😂🤣
    Also, your bathroom is seriously so beautiful, clean, and new feeling — I love it!

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