Most of us are so abundantly blessed with possessions. At Small House Great Love, we try to keep our possessions to what  we love and use most , ditching the rest. I have taught lots of people the same techniques to get rid of stuff that just does not serve them. I love helping people gain control of their stuff, instead of the stuff taking over.

Let’s talk about a life issue. 

It seems that no matter how much stuff we have or don’t have, when our lives get busy, we tend to get messy. Have you noticed that?

When we don’t have time to put things away, we leave them out, maybe even with the idea we will get back to it. When our lives start getting super swamped, we rush from thing to thing and place to place, and our stuff tends to get left behind in the dust.

Obviously, if you have less stuff you will have smaller piles. But the end result is the same – Stuff is out and it doesn’t feel good. It feels messy.

That messiness feels chaotic, stressful, undone, and twitchy. You may not notice it happen if it’s a little here and there, but believe me, it will catch up with you. 

I should say here, that we all have our acceptable level of stuff out. What would make me crazy (hi stuff on my kitchen counters) may be totally okay with someone else. You know you and what you are comfy with. That is the level we strive to maintain. It’s when we have more than that hanging around that the mess starts.

I should also say here, that I don’t necessarily mean dirty when I say messy, although that can happen, It really is just the stuff piling up where it shouldn’t that cause those icky feelings.

So, what to do. 

Ignoring it may have to happen for a time. There are seasons in life when our time and energy are demanded elsewhere, and we should strive to be okay with that. Not always easy (or maybe it is), but being kind to yourself is the best thing you do. Lots of self care and love are way more valuable and productive during these kinds of times than putting things away.

The tray on my work table that holds all kinds of goodies that really belong somewhere else.

Having a holding place can be helpful, too. Obviously we are busy, so it might be a good idea to have this kind of tool in place to help us along. Having a spot to stash things “for now” can work, as long as it doesn’t stay that way forever. I have a few holding spots – A spot for mail and other papers that I look through once a week, and a spot on my work table that holds some odds and ends that I keep using for current projects, but really do have their own homes. If you use a holding spot, make sure you have a plan for how to use it, either regularly going through it or using it for a time as you need it and then clean it out.

I go through this tray once a week.

If it happens often that life is busy and messy, it’s probably a good indication that we need to edit something, either the calendar or our stuff, or both. Having a home that is organized and filled with stuff we love and use, without a bunch of extras taking up space, will hold its own for a long time if we have to give ourselves to other things. Having a calendar with some downtime gives us the space to maintain as we go along. 

Have you seen this in your life? What have you done to keep life less messy? Please share!


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