There is so  much goodness in the world! And we love to share the goodness we’ve discovered around town.

How are you doing? I am off work, along with most of my family. I have been taking the opportunity to do some deep cleaning as well as some creative projects and lots of reading. Sending out good vibes, prayers, and love to all those who are affected by covid-19 and to the helpers.

Here are a few of our finds this week. 

How to Build a Two Week Food Supply

14 Achievable Tasks to Help Declutter Your Home While Stuck Inside

From Amber Rae –

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Scared? Hopeful? Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone. In the last month, the world has experienced upheaval it didn’t see coming. But in the midst of uncertainty and change, we have a beautiful opportunity to reflect and transform.

If you’re looking for guidance in navigating your emotions and staying centered, I invite you to join this 30-day journaling journey. Starting Sunday, March 22, I’ll send a daily email with a reflection prompt or journaling exercise. All you need is pen and paper to begin. We’re in this together.https://www.journalyourfeelings.com/

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