It’s Friday! Did you have a good week? It felt like kind of a long one for me, so I’m looking forward to laying low. I hope you’ve had some happy things going on and spent some time with terrific people.
Today’s highlights are a little random. See what looks good to you!
  • This is so great! If you have little people in your life, read this – you will love it. The title cracks me up!
  • Are you itching to go on a road trip? This list includes the best road trips in every state. I started with my own, but then got curious about other states.
  • This is so inspiring – Take a look at what 16 female leaders learned during the covid – 19 stay at home order. I love how committed they are to keeping up those good habits.
  • Are you looking for some cheap, healthy, and tasty food? This is a great list to use when planning your next grocery store run.
What have you found around town? I’d love to hear all about it!




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