Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough space for all the stuff you have in your life? Let’s talk about that today.

First things first – it is super valuable to get rid of stuff that doesn’t serve you. No amount of organizing, moving, or finding the perfect storage solution will make junk that is not meant for you be a good idea. That stuff just has to go. Here is a good way to work through that process.

Once you’ve taken the opportunity to scale back on the stuff, keeping only the stuff you need and love, you may find you need some good solutions for making it work in your home. We don’t live with nothing, of course, so let’s explore some ideas about storage that makes sense.

I am all about getting creative with storage. Not that I don’t have (and love) basic kitchen cabinets, dressers, and plastic storage bins. But I am a collector. My collections have evolved over the years (I used to collect pigs!) and now I  have a few quirky collections that contribute to storage options. It’s a win-win!

Here are a few that may work for you, too.

Potato chip tins.

Yep, it’s true. A person can collect just about anything. And somehow, I have this collection. I love potato chips and I love tins and I love containers, so this was a natural fit for me. But I can’t just have them empty, hanging around looking pretty. They work for me, and here’s how: one is used as a trash can, one holds small gift bags, one holds electronic do-dads, one holds memory stuff, one holds kid toys, two hold candles (another collection), one holds crafty supplies, and one holds a plant. These things are all over my house.

Old Windows.

I use them as decor, as picture frames, and even as shelving. (I even have an old screen door that I use for a headboard, too.) Not only are they a fun style, they are super useful in helping corral other things that I love and use. The ones I use for shelves hold my platters and cutting boards in the kitchen and they work and look fantastic.


I use all kinds of jars (chemist, mason, cracker) to hold all kinds of small things – a rock and shell collection, old marbles, art supplies (colored pencils, markers, pens, etc), change, and bathroom goodies. Not to mention they are fabulous for holding food (keeping a handy supply of bulk foods in the kitchen), flowers (so cute), and candles (drop a votive or a tea light in the bottom – instant charm.)


I know you know this one, but I couldn’t not include this workhorse item. I have used picnic baskets, wicker baskets, shopping baskets, wire baskets, metal baskets, and even plastic baskets for all kinds of clever storage solutions that look great. As many styles you can think of, there are baskets to compliment. Be creative – you probably have a basket or two already that you may be able to use in a new way. 


I have wooden boxes, metal boxes, paper boxes, hat boxes, and plastic boxes. They hold a variety of things – memories, rubber stamps, photos, medicines (in the linen closet), food, sewing notions, and other such goodies. Some have lids, some don’t. Some are big, some are small. Some are antique, some are brand new. Like baskets, you can find boxes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles to work with your look. And you can use them in all kinds of ways – think outside the box. (See how I did that?)

What do you collect? Can you use any of them in a new way to help with storage? Or do you have a clever way of storing your collection? Let me know!



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