How are you doing? What is the status of your state’s stay in place order? Where I live, we are still hunkered down and will be for at least until the end of May. I am grateful that we have been healthy and safe – I know many are not. My heart and prayers go to those who are ill, who are healthcare and first responder heroes, to those trying so hard to find a solution, and to those who have big decisions to make.

Because I have been home every day and have lots of time on my hands, I have had time to fill and nowhere to go. I bet many of you can relate. 

My situation is such that I do not have young children at home. I am looking forward to the day when I can have my grandchildren over to snuggle and to play while their parents get to run around free for a bit after spending 24/7 with their little ones for the last 2564 days. But until that time, I’m here with an open calendar and one location – my home.

I decided early on in this craziness that every nook and cranny was going to get some lovin’. My house is in pretty good shape. I love cleaning and purging and organizing and decorating my home – LOVE IT. So I am usually on it when it comes to keeping things around here in line. But, we are all a work in progress. As much as I do regularly, I am discovering there have been some gaps in my efforts.

Here are just a few things I’ve been working on:

  • My linen closet
  • Liam’s closet
  • Fridge and freezer (post to come)
  • Kitchen cabinets (post to come)
  • Front closet
  • Living room intense cleaning
  • Bathroom intense cleaning

I’ve spent at least a few hours each day tackling something and loving on the results. I’ve realized in my efforts to stretch out these projects to fill my days at home, it’s so good to pace myself. I have a tendency to jump all in and not stop until it’s done, but setting a stopping point or time has been fantastic. I can work and be all in knowing it won’t last forever. Mentally that is super helpful. I’ve taught this principle many times but this is really the first time I’ve applied it to myself. And of course it works.

So, if you feel overwhelmed just thinking about tackling a decluttering project, definitely consider pacing yourself. I just finished going through all of my kitchen cabinets, but I divided them up to do just a few each day. Seeing the results of the first few was so motivating to do the next ones, especially knowing I was only doing so much.

What do you think? What big space needs your attention that you can break down into doable chunks?

Let me know!

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