Thank you for all the terrific feedback on my new adventure with my line of Bag of Tricks! You are fantastic and I’ve tweaked my Etsy shop to make it easier to choose which ones you would like. If you haven’t checked it out, please hop over. And if you have, I would be super grateful if you would tell a friend.

More big news here – We bought a cutie little camper!

You know we love to camp. Darren and I have camped together before we were even married forever ago, we have camped with friends, started taking our babies camping when our first was not even 6 months old, and have camped pretty much every summer as our kiddos were growing up, somehow someway. (One year we threw the tent out in the backyard in October with a fire in our fire pit just to get a trip in.) We are big fans.

Darren has been talking about building or buying a little camper for a few years and the perfect one found us recently.

It’s called a Scamp, made by a small US company that started in the early 1970s. They are super lightweight, compact, roomy, and adorable. The space is well used, with lots of options to personalize them. We bought a used fixer-upper from a cute free-spirited woman 2 ½ hours away. This was her project that had her personal stamp all over it. Not really our style at all….

She described this as “gypsy”. It has some cute elements, but none we are going to keep.  There are a few original fixtures that will stay, but gypsy is going all the way of the earth.

The long car ride home gave us lots of time to dream and plan how we wanted to renovate, and to make a mental list of the things that have to happen first.

As much as we want to do all the fun parts of decorating and getting it out into the world, we have some work to do. There was a leak that caused some damage inside, the door doesn’t seal all that great, and there are a handful of small things that need to be addressed.

Darren has a bit of an impatience problem, so I expect he will be on those issues by the end of the week.

We are going camping trip in two weeks – we were planning to tent, but maybe we will take the scamp out for a maiden voyage if we can get those things buttoned up. He’s already pulled a piece of carpet off the wall to what is behind it.

With two full time jobs and a few side projects, it does sound like adding another one would be too much. But this is one of the great things about having a small house. There just isn’t that much maintenance or cleaning to take care of in our house. We are able to keep up with things on the home front and have the time, energy, and resources for hobbies and projects that we would rather give our attention to.

I’ll share updates occasionally and any DIY projects that pop up that might be helpful to you. We are so excited to have a smaller-than-a-house project, but still kind of feels like a house. A small one.


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