Valentine’s Day is coming up. Let’s chat for a few about that.

Here at Small House Great Love, we are pretty thrilled with love. We are all about creating space in our home and in our lives for what is most important – for what we love. And one of the most important things we love is the people in our lives.

We have been loved our whole lives. Not by everyone, but by those who matter. They didn’t always show it perfectly, but we knew it was there. As we grew, we took what we learned about love and went out into the world, trying our best to show love to those around us. Certainly not perfectly. But we were willing to learn and keep trying.

And don’t you think that works for most things in life? Learning and continuing to try. It’s a simple formula, although not always easy to pull off. 

Some people are not so much fans of Valentine’s Day. I get that. I’m not a fan of cluttery “Valentine” stuff, of the pressure that might come with a certain day to show love, or the possibly insincere attitude that can come with it. I’m not doing a deep dive into all this, just saying I understand why this holiday gets a little bit of a bum wrap.

However, I really like Valentine’s Day. It happens to be our wedding anniversary, so it’s always on our radar. Around year four in our marriage we stopped going out for dinner and have perfected our celebration at home. We used to buy cheesy gifts for each other but have since tried to dump the unnecessary things, giving up the expected purchases and opting for more meaningful gifts, or even none at all sometimes.

We have included our children and friends in our Valentine celebrations. We love showing love, and sometimes we don’t do that enough. Having a reminder to show the love that is already there is super helpful. It’s not the only time, but why not use the opportunity?

All this to say, you can have the kind of Valentine’s Day that you want. You want more pink hearts all over the house? Go for it. You want less of that and more heartfelt conversation? It’s all you.

How about a few simple suggestions to get you thinking in a less burdened kind of way-

  • Cards / Notes – Skip the expensive greeting card and write a love note on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. Or use sticky notes around the house. Or how about a computer generated Valentine joke or pun with a treat. 
  • Flowers – Flowers can be good. But don’t buy the overpriced, overhyped roses. Maybe a cutie little succulent or herb instead. Or a love fern.
  • Crafts / Projects – With little kiddos, it doesn’t take much. Print out a Valentine coloring sheet and they will be thrilled. There are tons of crafty ideas out there. Just keep in mind your mood, energy level, and time. If it’s not going to happen, don’t worry about it.
  • Food – Can be as simple as putting candles on the table for dinner. And/or maybe using the fancy dishes. And/or maybe a treat. Maybe.
  • Treats – How about your favorite treat with Valentine sprinkles? Could be ice cream, cookies, or rice crispy treats. You get the idea. And who doesn’t love conversation hearts? Grab a bag, put them in a cute dish, and you are on your way.
  • Activities – Movie, board game, conversation, relaxing. These can all be tweaked just a bit to make them more about love.

For real, Valentine’s Day is what you make it, and it really doesn’t take much to make it even just a little bit special, and to show the people in your life that they are awesome. 

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are you planning to do?

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY

  1. Valerie J Mercado says:

    We have always had a tradition of making Valentine’s cards for the grandparents. There are three sets of them for my kids. Even this year, with my kids getting older, we still got all the Valentine card making things out and worked on making cards for Jason’s and my parents who live so far away.

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