Okay, shall we?

Last time we talked about how having all the gear we use for certain projects, activities, or events makes those projects, activities, and events go a little better. If we have them handy, we don’t have to wander all over town just to get something done, and we just might get discouraged enough to give up. And if we do that something pretty often, maybe every day, then it just makes sense to have all the stuff we use right there handy. 

I have several of these in my life. Let’s take a tour of some of them:

Bathroom drawer for morning routine and bedtime routine – Pretty much everything I need to get ready for the day or for the night right here in one drawer. The only thing I don’t keep in there is my electric toothbrush, which has to stay plugged in.

Baking box – Like I mentioned, for most of the things I bake, I have had this box forever. I just pop the whole thing out on the counter and I am ready to roll.

Chalkboard supplies – recently I got some amazing chalk as a gift and had to up size my container. I love this old wooden chalk box!

Bag of tricks – I keep this in the bag or backpack I am using for the day. It is the best. I will share everything I keep in here soon. But basically this is the bomb-diggity.

Cleaning supplies – You may already have some kind of setup for cleaning supplies already. Just grab it and go.

Art supplies – I’m into lots of different kinds of arts, so I need more space for these things, not just one box or drawer. I have a cabinet I keep most of my supplies in, but I do have a few jars for the things I use most every time. And I keep them out on my work table, so I’m ready to go. (When I put them away, I don’t work on it as much – an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.)

Games – All the games are stashed together, and the smaller ones corralled up in baskets, kept handy. We like games around here.

Car emergency kit – Things I hope I never need, but I have. Blankets, hoodies, snacks, water, etc for not just possible car situations (stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone and have to live in my car until help arrives – yikes!), but for small things, too. Recently we were at a friends house sitting outside (hi social distancing) and it was colder than we thought. Cue the blanket from the car.

First aid kit – Surely this doesn’t need much in the way of explanation.

Nail bucket – We keep all the supplies that most of us use in this cute little bucket I got from a friend. Bonus when you can use gifts like this – it reminds you of good, thoughtful friends, or brings good memories and vibes.

Cooking supplies – Most everything we might need to make dinner is handy in just a few cupboards. Some nights I love cooking, some nights I’m out of energy. Either way, having supplies handy right where I am working makes the daily meal prep a million times better.

Desk with supplies – I think most of us learned this one in elementary school, right? Am I the only one who regularly cleaned hers out and organized it? Just checking.

Tools – As in a tool box. But it could be a workbench, a tool shed, or a full on shop. Something portable is dreamy for projects or repairs around the home, but having a dedicated space is pretty great, too. Or both. This one happens to be kept in  my car, but we have them for the house, too.

See how these kinds of things work? You probably have some of these set up yourself, and maybe you didn’t realize how clever you are. Keeping all the trappings together, preferably where you use them, will make you feel like a champ at life, because you won’t be running around like a crazy person trying to do stuff. Or you won’t just give up because it’s too much work running around like a crazy person trying to do stuff. Either way, you win.

Look around your place. Do you see anything you could collect all together to make a kit? Let me know how it goes!


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