How are you? Are you getting outside now that the weather is really starting to feel like summer? Or have you already turned on the air and are waiting for autumn? Either way, it’s all good.

Today I thought I would share our cute little bathroom. As you can imagine, a small house just might have a small bathroom. And our’s does. It has everything we need, plus some excellent storage. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

First, the dimensions on this cutie are 12×6.5′ The 12 is from the doorway to the window and the 6.5 Is the other way and includes the bathtub. No joke about the smallness here, right?

When we remodeled this bathroom, we knew we wanted to head to IKEA to grab one of those awesome vanities with the giant drawers. We assumed we would need the smallest version they had, but surprise – we were actually able to grab a few sizes up. This one is 31″ wide.

I love the clean lines of the vanity top – it is a breeze to wipe down without all the funky lip connections like a separate counter and sink would have. I love it!

Let’s talk about these drawers. They are dreamy and so dang spacious. We use the baskets in the lower drawer to corral each of our toiletry / vitamin collections, so they are not flying all around every time the drawer opens or closes. The top drawer has a smaller box for our son’s things. Both drawers also have lots of space for other goodies.


We decided to add a few shelves over the toilet for mostly decor, but a few useful things, too. It gives me a chance to add some personality in here without taking up lots of valuable space. And the clock is super handy in here. When I was growing up we had a clock in the kitchen, but the bathroom is where I spent all my time in the morning. Isn’t it funny how it sometimes takes a while to rethink a good idea for another purpose? Bathroom clock = Genius.

We have two fairly good size shelves in our bathtub / shower, which we love. It keeps us from adding 4000 other things to this space. Of course we could use the tub ledge, but we said no way on that plan. Everything on that level gets so wet and is a breeding ground for all kinds of goo that we are not interested in cleaning. Besides, how many products does a person need in there? We also have a small hanging bar for a few other niceties that stay clear of the water.

And behind the door is a bonus storage area! When we bought this house, it had cabinet doors on there. So ugly and such a pain to use. We would have to close the bathroom door to access this space, so having more doors to open just to get in there was super annoying. Phase one of the bathroom redo included just removing them. So much better. There is a lot of space back there and we love having a sneaky storage spot in what would otherwise be dead space. (There is no good way to photograph this spot, so here is the view using the mirror.)

So, it’s small, but mighty. It has everything we need and is super functional. With all smaller things, the space demands that only so much will be comfy in there, so it helps us from getting out of control with all kinds of bottles, products, and gear. 

It also helps keep the number of people down in there, too. Honestly, we can put two people in there, but we don’t love it. I get the double sink idea in a bathroom, I really do. But when I am in there, I really want to be in there all by myself if possible. 

And bonus – a small bathroom is a snap to clean. It really only takes me about 15 minutes to get it all done. I love that!

Are you a small bathroom user? Do you use the space to limit the amount of other things you bring in? Do you love having privacy in there? Let me know!


  1. Alex Bullock says:

    I have a small bathroom too! And I too love how fast I can clean it. I also love your sneaky storage behind the door — such an awesome way to use that space and incorporate storage!

    • I love your small bathroom, too, with that awesome closet! When you are finished remodeling, we should feature it here!

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