Good morning! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, with the right balance of productivity, fun, and rest. We did a Boot Camp workout with friends, saw all of our kiddos at some point, worked on the scamp, got a sourdough starter and are learning about that, worked in the studio, just hung out, and enjoyed a great Sabbath day.

It’s been about a month and a half since I shared the studio with you. It’s time to get a closer look at the closet and how it’s working for us.

Let’s start at the top. This is a great place for a major future project – the photo albums. I also have a mini file stashed in the corner. Honestly, besides important papers and things like car insurance info, this is where all the papers are. We just don’t have the tons of paper anymore.

The top shelf has our printer, paper and supplies, a box of chalk, and the “once a week” basket. I’ll share what that is all about soon.

The next shelf down holds things I use a lot. I found these baskets a million years ago on clearance and they have been used all over our house. And they used to be red.

The next three shelves hold most of the stuff I use for creative projects. The boxes are from IKEA. I love having them all the same and I love the limit of the size. Take the “bags & tissue” box – When I started I probably could have filled two boxes. But I kept only the best and ditched the rest. Filling and setting up these boxes was a fun organizing project that I used some of my favorite tips on.

The two enamel boxes on the right hold office supplies – The top one we use most, the bottom one extra supplies.



Over on the right are hooks with space to hang more things if needed. Inside the closet are two bags that hold odd shaped things that I want to keep close. And just outside the closet, behind the studio door, are a few other handy tools, easy to get to and ready to go. Using wall space is a great way to get a little more storage space. 

Below the hanging bags I keep oversized paper pads, a cutting mat, and my paper cutter. The wrapping paper storage is super handy for rolls of art paper, too. 

(Can you see the wrapping paper that is tucked in behind the storage box? There are actually four of those. And they are too tall. Ugh. This totally bugs me as someone who wants to get them all in one spot. We tried to use them up last Christmas and we barely made a dent in the supply. Trying to balance my frugal self with my organizing self can be tricky sometimes.)

This small closet is a real work horse. It functions so well and looks great, so it doesn’t need a door, which would totally get in the way. And because it’s open, I can see what I have and be inspired, plus it’s super easy to put things away, which is half the battle in keeping a space in tip-top shape.

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