What are your rooms doing for you?

Interesting question, right? Let’s chat about that today.

We have rooms that have a general purpose, like the dining room is for eating, the kitchen is for food prep, and the bedroom is for resting. But we don’t always use them just for those things or even those things at all. We may want or need them to be multi-functional, and sometimes they become that way because of our lifestyle habits. 

For instance –

  • The dining room – Intended for sitting down together to eat. But it may have become a study room or office because of the pandemic, or maybe it became a storage room long ago because it didn’t get used much.
  • The kitchen – Intended for food storage and prep and maybe for eating. But it may also be a place for a mini-office, storage for all kinds of odd and ends, hanging out, homework, playing games, paying bills, and all sorts of things. The kitchen can seem like the place everyone ends up.
  • The bedroom – Intended for rest, sleep, and privacy. But it may have become an office, a gym, a dining room, or a storage room.
  • The living room – Intended for gathering, reading, and watching TV. But it may have become a dining room, a play room, or a storage room.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that any spot can be used for something else. That’s cool if that’s what you want. But what if you don’t want that?

It’s super valuable to get your head around what you want your rooms to do for you. 

When other things get in the way of your purpose for a room, you may start to run into problems. Maybe you cannot sit down to eat because there is too much stuff on the table. Or maybe you cannot relax and rest in your bedroom because of the treadmill staring you down. 

Your stuff can get in the way of your rooms working their best for you. 

Let’s talk about how to fix this. 

  • Figure out the true purpose of a room by what it’s intended for and how you want to use it. Be thoughtful about what you have and what you need.
  • When you know the purpose of a room is it’s way easier to know what stays and what goes from that room. Make a plan to declutter.
  • Get all the stuff out that doesn’t belong. If you are turning your unused dining room into a library, get all the other stuff out, maybe even including the dining room table and chairs.
  • Work your way through how you want to set up the room to make it work how you want it to. Be in charge and make bold decisions if you have to – You’re the boss!

Some rooms need to do double duty. Or more duty. That’s life. Take all that into consideration as you give the room the eye – the one that isn’t going to let anything slide.

I know, this can be overwhelming. You may have a room that has been dysfunctional for years. It may be hard to think outside the box, or room in this case, if you are feeling like you would like to go against the norm. But, you got this. You are in charge of your home, your rooms, and your stuff. 

Determining what you want from your rooms is super important. Once you have that vision, you can go forward with confidence removing stuff that doesn’t serve you or the purpose you have in mind and that room will sing every time you use it.

Do you have rooms that could use an assessment of their purpose? Let me know!

Photo by Humairah L. on Unsplash

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