Today I want to share an amazing project we did a few years ago. 

When we moved to our small house we knew we wanted to make the most of our square footage and using the outside can be a great way to gain more space. 

This humble little home needed some serious cosmetic updates, which we absolutely love to tackle. One of the best things we did outside is to paint everything that was painted brown a fresh coat of white. It was a complete game changer for this place! Here is what the patio looked like when we first moved here:

You can see why this place felt just a little dark and dreary. We didn’t even know we were having the energy sucked out of us until we freshened the whole vibe up with gallons of white paint and the very good investment of a paint sprayer.

Besides the very soul dampening color on the wall of the patio, the way it sits was also a big problem. It faces west, and so the space was pretty unusable all summer from 2-7pm. We have no trees and the one amazing tree our neighbor behind us had needed to be removed because it was all decayed inside. Truly sad when that came down. So in order to use this little patch of summer glory, we needed shade.

And the dream of a pergola was born.

Darren is the brains behind these kinds of projects. He has a gift for seeing a completed project, but he also has the vision of it all going together. After just a bit of Googling and lots of measuring, he was off to Lowe’s to stock up on supplies.

Things got kicked off with Darren drilling holes into our freshly painted garage wall and mounting the first support beam. I don’t worry about him drilling holes in the walls. He’s good at patching them, too.

He also knows all the good tricks, like how to get 4x4s attached to cement. I have no idea how he learns this stuff, but he is a rockstar in all ways figuring. He is the perfect partner in crime to my wild hair ideas.

While Darren measured and cut and attached, I was on staining duty. I always wear gloves and use rags for staining – it’s such a pain in the butt to clean up, so this disposable way makes things much easier. (Side note – I usually try to reuse EVERYTHING, but there are a few things that are just not worth cleaning up. Old stain soaked rags are one of those things.) With the boards pre-stained, they were ready to go up as needed.

With just a few posts and boards we could really get a sense of how this was going to feel. Since we tend to start projects in the evening, it was time to call it a night once we got to this point. 

Next time I’ll share the industrial vibe we added, the party lights, and the whole finished project!




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