Happy Monday! 

How was your holiday? I hope that even though things may have looked way different this year, you were still able to find the joy and peace of Christmas. Honestly, in our family, we continue to celebrate all the way to the New Year.

Which is totally on it’s way and I know many of us are anxious to say goodbye to 2020. While 2021 is practically here, I hope you can find some goodness to bring with you from 2020.

Are you the resolution setting type person? A resolution is more than just setting a goal. It means making a firm decision, being determined, and being totally in.

I am not a super goal oriented person. I’m so impressed by people who set a goal, work backward to nail down the timeline, and stay focused to make it happen. I want to be that person, but so far I haven’t met my goal.

I am usually more motivated by what I will be mad at myself for not doing. Make sense? For instance, I work out most days of the week, not necessarily because I have set a goal toward something, but because I know I will be ticked at myself for not making it happen. 

But let’s chat about some ways to be more successful at making and sticking to resolutions, in no particular order:

  • Go big or go home. It’s your life and your year – Dream big! What do you want to have happen? What is within your control to make it so? Just because you may be a subpar cook now doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen to improve all those kitchen skills. You get to decide!
  • Or start small. Maybe the idea of the great big dream is too overwhelming. I get it. What about committing to tiny changes? Learn one new kitchen skill a month (hello poaching an egg) and practicing just that.
  • Make the commitment. It’s all you. If you don’t make it work, no one will. It really is as simple as that. And seriously, why would you want it any other way? While the end result is pretty terrific, it is the journey getting there that helps us develop and grow. You may end up with a poached egg on your toast, but it’s all the effort and struggle that will make it taste so dang good.
  • Check in now and again. I’ve made many a resolution in January, even written them down. But most often I have forgotten all about them. (Not uncommon!) Pull that list out regularly. Maybe have it pop up in your calendar or in some other reminder app. See how you’re doing and recommit.
  • You may mess up. Absolutely. It really helps to be okay with that. The sun will still rise if we fail, I promise. But there really is so much to learn in the things that don’t work out. For sure, you may learn what you don’t want.
  • Some goals aren’t meant to be. As much as we may want something, it may not be the right thing for us, or maybe not the right time. It’s so completely okay to try something and then set it aside if it’s feeling all wrong or adding negative vibes to your life. Let it go and be kind to yourself.
  • Be grateful. We have the capacity to look around, be inspired, determine to improve, try and fail, grow in unexpected ways, pick ourselves up and carry on, find success, and high five ourselves in kindness and victory. Aren’t we so glad we aren’t just mindless shlubs without a will that has to stay right where we are without a hope of rising up? Yeah, me too.

So, are you planning to make any resolutions for 2021? Any tips to share on making them happen? Let me know!

And Happy New Year!

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