Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend and you are all refreshed for the new week.

Thank you for the love on our new entry! I love sharing our fun adventures and your feedback is so valuable and much appreciated.

Let’s get to the rest of the story of the entry, shall we?

We left off here –

I mentioned I got hooks and lights that were just too big, dang it. But I found some new hooks that were just the right size and I think they fit the style better. We plan to use the hooks for guest coats, but since we don’t have many of those lately, we can fill them up with other things.

We decided on these strip lights that people use a lot for behind their TVs. Seriously, that four inch shelf is narrow!These worked out perfectly for a few reasons – independent power source, super slim profile, just the right amount of light, and the fun colors. We plugged them in to a rechargeable power bank that is tucked behind the picture, and since there is a remote it’s super easy to use them how we want. We can dim them, change the colors, make them flash, and all kinds of cool things. Won’t they be so fun for celebrating different holidays?

The anchor for this space is the new bench that didn’t exist until recently. Darren spent several hours designing, measuring, cutting, figuring, gluing, screwing, and sanding a pile of lumber from Lowe’s into just what we wanted for this space. We considered looking for a church pew or some other fun piece to use, but we really wanted something that didn’t stick out so far from the wall, and something we could use in more that one way. This can be moved around for seating and we can use it as a low table if needed.

Darren knocked it out of the park with this one. The Xs are a great contrast to all the up and down lines on the door without competing too much. I love that he loves to build.

We brought it in and I painted it where it was warm. We went with a chalk paint finish that is fun to use and easy to distress, which we love the look of. And it’s going to get used, so may as well get that distressed look going from the get go.

Because I was home alone and couldn’t carry it back outside to sand it, I just did that right there in the living room with the vacuum cleaner by my side. Those Xs are terrific, but kind of a pain to get into to paint and sand. Now that they are done, I can see it was worth it. I finally got some help getting it outside to finish the whole thing up by giving it a good waxing.

Another fun use we have planned for this spot for is eating!

Since it’s super close to our kitchen it will be so handy for when we do have extra eaters over. We have a sweet 50s diner table that we use in the studiothat we can pop on over to the bench. We could probably squeeze a few more grandkiddos around this table.

And for everyday use, we are all set. We are calling this project done and will add and subtract décor as needed.

I shopped our house for skinny things to compliment the space.

Those lights are going to be so fun!

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