Hope you are having a good week. January can be long and dark, without a lot to look forward to, especially as we are still sitting in the middle of a pandemic. But I hope you find something each day to make it special.

As we have shuffled a few things around in our home recently, we’ve been working on some different projects. The studio is just about finished and functioning like a champ. We love popping in there and it is so terrific to have all these things together in one space.

As a result of that big move, we have 3 other spaces that needed our attention. Since the armoire downstairs got emptied of crafty and drawing supplies, we now have it filled with games and puzzles. The shelves that the games and puzzles were on in the store room became prime real estate, and I’ll share that project with you soon. Basically, it is like musical chairs around here, but everything is functioning so much better than it was.

On that point, just know that sometimes things get put in places, maybe when you move in or create storage spots, and although it may work okay, something else may work better. Circumstances may change, like having a child move out, or you realize you have a bunch of stuff you just don’t need anymore. Or maybe you get tired of how a space is functioning. Whatever the reason, it’s totally cool to rework your spaces and your stuff to make them work better for you. It is amazing to take a space that works only sub-par and be the boss of it, creating a much better area that looks great, feels great, and functions great. I highly recommend it, of course.

You may be wondering about the new entry I mentioned in the title. Let me share.

We used to have a cute high functioning desk in the living room that kept the computer in a shared space. It was pretty much our mini-office and it worked terrifically. But now that we have the studio, the mini-office has become obsolete. That happened just after Thanksgiving. The space formerly occupied by the desk became a fun new spot to put our Christmas tree, knowing we would get on that space officially after the holidays.

And here we are.

Our official entry is a space that is about 4 x 6’, if we count the spillover, which we do. The front door opens into and so does the front closet. It is a little snug, but we live in a small house, so it’s all good. 

But now we have this space just around the corner from there. It’s been on the radar to claim it as part of the entry some day, and that day has come.

We tossed around the idea of doing a fun wall treatment with board and batten, or maybe throw up some accent wall paper. While I love both of those ideas, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I jumped on facebook marketplace to see what I could find in the way of an old door. I know. I seem to have a thing for old doors and windows.

We wanted something big, something loved, and something with character. I had an idea to mount it up higher on the wall, add a shelf and some hooks, and have an interesting and personal one-of-a-kind spot. 

Quick story – I found the perfect door for a great price in Detroit, where there are so many beautiful old houses with gorgeous woodwork. Liam and I hopped in the car to grab it, and it turned out to be at one of those amazing old homes that was being restored. The owner invited us in to look through his collection, I chose the one he had listed, and he was kind enough to carry it out for us. But I had not thought through the fact that it was 80 inches long! We shoved it into my jeep and the tailgate closed, but the thing went all the way up between the front seats, so I could see my right side mirror, but not much else – not even Liam. He was my eyes for that side the whole way home, as we laughed and sang along to the Christmas songs on the radio. It was quite the adventure.

Anyway, I got the door cleaned up and sanded just enough to give it a little more character. I love the unevenness of the finish, the leftover key and handle hardware, and the unpainted spots where the hinges were.

Darren cut a four inch board to make a shelf, which I stained, and gave the whole thing a polycrylic rubdown. Of course I did all this in the house before the stain was dry and it was a little fumey, hence the candles to cut the smell. But we love it! We got it up on the wall after making a template to make sure where we wanted it, and it is just as awesome as I envisioned!

I ordered hooks that I have loved forever, thinking this was the chance to finally use them and some small battery lights on a remote. But both the hooks and the lights were too big. Plan B. New hooks and a strip light.

I’ll share the final look next week once we get everything buttoned up. But as a spoiler, we built a bench. And I painted it. And distressed it.

See you Monday – Have a fantastic weekend!

8 thoughts on “THE NEW ENTRY – PART ONE

  1. Katherine Payne says:

    Wow!!! I LOVE this Teresa!! What a beautiful use of a vintage door! And yes, I can just imagine you and Liam hauling that humongous thing home. 😂🥲😂

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