I hope you are all doing well. We are in a strange time with this pandemic, right? I am going to carry on here as usual for now, so if you are home more and have some time on your hands, maybe it could be a good time for you to tackle a space that needs organizing. 

I left off with this very clean, white, and glorious empty closet. (Click here for part one.) The great thing about pulling everything out and freshening up a bit, is that you appreciate the space you have and want to give it all the love you can. That means filling it only with the good things you and your family need it for.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of the piles of stuff all over my kitchen, but trust me when I say things usually look worse before they get better. That is part of the process. It may seem overwhelming to see all that stuff and wondering if it will all go back in, but it will, because you have a plan. Hang in there.

Everything in my piles gets the “I’m looking at you” eye. Trash gets tossed, items we don’t use anymore get passed along, and expiration dates get double checked. I buddy up similar items, unpackage bulk packages (think Costco pack of bar soap), and combine opened products – this happens when you don’t know what you’ve got in a space. 

I know I want to use photo boxes to corral and organize most of the things that are going back in. We already have two, so I know their virtues – very straight sides, no rounded corners, there is a cute place for a label, I can get lots of them, and they are inexpensive. I can fit three across a shelf with some space leftover for a few free agents, like the hair cutting supplies, our travel toiletry bags, the manicure stuff (already in well loved containers), and pain relievers. I end up using nine of these babies.

I use one of the large storage boxes for bulk items – the costco soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. I put this on the right side of the closet, because that dang door makes it more challenging to get to stuff over there, because we don’t need to be in it often, but it is on a prime shelf – at eye level – so it’s not completely inconvenient. 

The big box of bulk items.

I set up these nine boxes on the table and start loading them up in a way that makes sense to us. But not all of the boxes are full and there are things that need a home. Solution – combine categories. And honestly, some of them don’t seem to go together, but this is sometimes the reality of spaces. Not everything is going to fit perfectly in the perfect space and be used perfectly. This is a process that now and then requires compromise. As I work through everything, I use sticky notes on the boxes to allow that flexibility. I’m so glad I did – I made quite a few changes. 

Once I get those boxes done, I help them to find their perfect home in the closet. I want the ones I need to get to more often to be front and center (or left in this case) at eye level. Things we don’t need go higher or lower. This takes a bit of shuffling, too. Once they are in place, the few linens we do store here fit right in front of some that are on a deeper shelf.

Photo boxes with sticky notes – a great in-process look.

Remember the three medical boxes filled with all kinds of good first aid supplies? Those are going to the farthest, most inconvenient location in the real estate – the very top shelf. We might get into these once or twice a year, so they don’t need to be super handy.

The boxes we only need to get to a few times a year up on the highest shelf.

The last spot is the large floor area. And the last things to find a home are the bed linens, which are few, but big. I knew I wanted something that would not be a giant dust bunny friend – no cute fabric or wicker to slide around on the floor like a dust mop. I know the size I want, but I’m not quite sure what it is I’m looking for.

You know when you find the thing? It doesn’t matter what the thing is. When I find the thing it is like being a child on Christmas Eve – I can hardly breathe I’m so excited. When I see the thing, it sings out to me, and I cannot believe others can’t hear it as they walk on by. I found the hamper that will work perfectly. It is on wheels! This is genius. Even I didn’t think of that. Having it on wheels means I can get a wicker look without having dust collect on the bottom. I measure it to make sure it will fit and then it comes home with me. 

This is it:

The thing I hear singing.

And how it looks in the finished closet:

Even with the wheels, it fits perfectly.

Here are the results of all the fun I had with this linen closet:

One more time before:

And after:

What a difference! It not only looks great, but works great, too. We have made a few adjustments as we use it, and that’s to be expected. But we are in love! We all go open it just to look at it. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But everyone agrees it is awesome!

What do you think? Are you inspired to take on any of your trouble spots? Let me know!



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