How are you today? Are you holding up alright? Sure is a strange time….

Some of you may be spending more time than ever in your homes. Some wish you were home more, as you are needed out in the world still. Either way, home has become an even more important place in our lives.

Have you ever thought about how the five senses make your home feel? Let’s unpack that today.

Touch – We love touch. Even babies are calmed by soft caresses and snuggly fabrics. I don’t think things change as we get older, either. We love to touch things. Different textures allow all the feels to happen. We can use that in our home with soft blankets, smooth countertops, and the familiar textures of wood, carpet, and clean towels. We don’t even actually have to touch them – just seeing them brings all the good vibes. And let’s not forget how temperature plays a part in how a home feels, too.

Sight – This might be an obvious one. We are pretty aware of how our homes look, or at least that they need to be cleaned every so often. We often get our first clues of a place with our eyes.What do you see when you look around your home? If you get overwhelmed with that thought, hang in there. It’s amazing what small efforts can do to make a space look more how you want it to.

Hearing – Some houses are quiet. Some are crazy loud. There can be a place for all sounds in a home. Loud could mean there are loved ones talking and laughing together. Quiet might mean there is some much needed solitude. Sometimes loud or quiet are not necessarily welcomed. Homes also have the added sounds of machines doing hard work for us, music, TV, or podcasts we have on, and just the everyday sounds of people. 

Smell – Yep, houses have smells. Have you ever noticed that people’s homes smell like them, and that you can never really smell your own? Plus, we may have food, cleaners, and scents we may add with candles, oils, or air fresheners. We like good smells. Not stinky trash smells.

Taste – There are tastes that taste of home. Many traditions we celebrate in our homes revolve around our favorite foods. Or a favorite meal or treat instantly makes you feel at home. I think foods help us to recall memories, and we often make them because we have good thoughts associated with them. Sometimes we might try new recipes in the safety of our home. You can not go wrong feeding people in the home.

Recognizing and appealing to all our senses in our houses can make them feel more like home. You know what appeals to your senses and that can guide you in thinking about them in your home. It may be tempting to try to jump on everything once you start to notice things. You can do that, but I would recommend small efforts.

I hope your home starts to feel, sound, look, smell and taste like something that is becoming a better version of itself as you pay attention to what you have going on. It’s kind of cool that just being aware can inspire you to make this most important place even homier. 

What have you noticed in your home? What do you think you might like to update?


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