It’s Easter Week. Whatever that might mean to you, I thought I would share a few of my thoughts. With no particular rhyme or reason:

I love to decorate, especially for holidays. I realize I don’t have a lot of Easter decorations. When my kiddos were younger, we had bunny and egg decor, but we have since outgrown that. And there really isn’t a lot of religious decoration for this very special time. I am just now aware of an Easter creche and I think that’s really a special idea.

It’s a season of renewal. And aren’t we glad for that! Just when you think the winter weather will be here forever, you start to see buds on the trees and little purple crocuses popping up all over. There is hope for more sun, warmth, and life. I know I am so ready for Spring!

I love traditions around celebrating Easter. When our children were young, we had about six million plastic Easter eggs that we hid out in the yard for them to find. (Funny side note – We never filled them with anything.) As they got older, they would have to find a particular color, and we would hide them with different levels of difficulty. They would search for hidden Easter baskets, too. We made empty tomb biscuits, read scripture stories and watched movies with an Easter message, and had a special Easter meal. Traditions can bring loved ones together.

Why Easter? As a child, my family was not religious. I occasionally went to church with one of my grandmas or we would sometimes go to a Christmas Eve service. I remember when I was about 10 years old asking why we celebrate Easter if it was about Jesus Christ’s death. It wasn’t until my own relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ developed (and continues to grow) that Easter is more than the death of Christ, but it is remembering His Atoning sacrifice and the great blessings that come because of His sacrifice and celebrating the new life of resurrection.We can have peace now and the promise of eternal life with God. How great that there is more to life than what we may experience here on Earth.

This year for Easter, we will celebrate at home, with no church services to go to, no new spring outfits, no family or friends at our table. But that doesn’t mean Easter isn’t to be celebrated. It’s when we have hard situations that the tender mercies and miracles of God can be more fully seen and enjoyed. No matter what may come our way, we can always rely on the promises that God made that first Easter season, when Christ gave His all for us. His peace, power, and love are available to us always as we continue to develop a relationship with Him.

I hope this week, you will feel something within you, that you will examine how and why you celebrate this special season. 


2 thoughts on “THE EASTER SEASON

  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I remember thinking it was weird we celebrated His death, too. I’m so glad for the knowledge now that we celebrate His life after death ❤️

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