Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was just how you like it. Mine was a great mix of productive, fun, and relaxing, including a great safe, outdoor visit with loved ones, as well as downtime on Sunday to worship.

I thought I would share an update on the studio today. It’s really coming along.

Our youngest son moved out on his own which freed up one of the bedrooms. Long before he moved out he was making plans. So was I.

  • First thing – Stood in the middle of the empty room for minutes at a time visualizing and dreaming.
  • Moving on.
  • Okay. Got the walls patched and painted. Liam moved on a Friday, the walls were painted the next day, even though we had plans for much of the day. I got everything finished up the next week, including touching up the trim.
  • Painted the shelves. I used a paint sample from Lowe’s to make my own chalk paint, then sanded and waxed them. They are going to get some use so I embraced the not-so-perfect look. Also, brought up all the photo albums – They are so big! One day I will get them scanned and make smaller books.
  • Haven’t gotten a rug yet. I’m still debating on that one actually. I would like to get everything else done and then I’ll see.
  • Brought my artist table up. That thing seriously weighs a thousand pounds. Darren and I carried it up one step at a time. Good upper body workout.
  • When we take the old desk apart we will get to the additional shelving. I’m trying to do as much as I can with things we already have.
  • I’ve been sifting through all the things that I’m considering allowing into the studio. Nothing is going in there that isn’t worthy! I’m taking the time to ask the questions and to purge a few things.
  • Darren got the desk built and now it needs finishing. It is so beautiful! We are used to having kind of a smaller desk space within a hutch kind of thing. It worked for us for lots of years because we needed it to, but we are loving the openness of the new desktop. Sanding and staining are next on the list for this.
  • I’ve been hanging on to an old rusty Swan’s Down Cake Flour pan that I just knew would make a terrific hanging light. And it did! It’s hanging in a corner that we hope to put a comfy chair in. Also, look at that old game board. Isn’t it dreamy?

The studio project has been so great. I just love being able to spend the time to really consider how to best use this space. I love the dreaming, the planning, the purging, the painting and building, bringing things in, and making it personal. I’ve had to be flexible as what I envisioned didn’t quite pan out like I hoped, but that is part of the process.

I am so grateful to have this time and space to work with. I have the luxury of choosing what to keep, to create something useful and beautiful, and to have such a great partner in crime to make it all happen. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

What are you up to lately?


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