I’m here to share the latest updates on the studio!

Let me just say, this room is a workhorse already. It is dreamy having all the things that were scattered about the house now all in one place. 

Let me just say, it worked having things in different places because that is how it needed to be. But now that we are using the space in our house differently (our youngest son moved out), it was time to get our things serving us better. Of course, we could have left things as they were, but we knew it could be so much better. And it is!

How about a tour?This is the view from the hallway. That desk is dreamy! Take a little closer look at that sweet “X”.We found this tutorial online and Darren got to work on it. I took advantage of a slightly warmer day and got it sanded, stained and sealed. it is exactly perfect in that spot. There is a built-in shelf underneath for the monitor, a speaker, and some books. Another cool thing is that the heat vent is on this wall, but all the warm air has lots of space for flowing on our feet. Oh, and heating the room.

We love all the space on the desk top and because we have so much storage in the rest of the room, we don’t need to crowd it with extras. The magnet board and clock make the space functional and fun.
Coming into the room you find this snuggly little corner. This is the classic Poang chair from IKEA and it is just the right amount of airiness and comfort. This spot is right behind the desk, so when we Zoom, it’s a nice view. Also, note the potato chip tin side table.Under the other window, and right next to my art table is this cutie retro table that will be perfect for bigger projects and overflow. We also wanted it close to the kitchen for when we feed more than our table fits. We found this at a garage sale last year and it has been a champ.Next up – This lovely spot. I cannot even tell you how I’ve been envisioning this area for the last several weeks. I knew it would be perfect. And it is.We made this box a few years back and it was just waiting for it’s higher purpose in the studio to hold art supplies.This box is new. Darren used wood from our former desk to create what we have lovingly referred to as the “box shelf”. I saw something similar in a decorating book and knew it would be just what this spot needed. It is all kinds of nifty storage. What better place could there be for those tins on top? Did you notice the glow from underneath? We have seriously had these task lights for YEARS. I love when the perfect thing is there when you need it. Having these light undermounted frees up so much space on the work top. And finally the closet. Talk about getting the job done! We are not putting doors on this because it is just too lovely. These shelves were a facebook marketplace find and they are just what is needed to corral all these goodies. (Seriously, I come in here just to stare at this space. It took some quality time to get it here and I could bot be more thrilled with the outcome.) I’ll give you a closer look soon.

We also have a few more fun projects to finish this room up – hence only being about 94% done – but I wanted to share where we are. We just love this space and we use it all the time. And sometimes we just come in to hang out.

Because we do things like that.

5 thoughts on “STUDIO – 94 % DONE!

  1. It looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see it in person! Did you stain the desk? If so, what color? We are trying to figure out a stain mix for our floors…

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