Hopefully you’ve been giving some thought to your collections and how to bring them out, use them, and love them.. If you missed those conversations, go here and here.

Today let’s talk about using some sneaky spaces to store things.

What am I talking about?

Well, of course, we have closets, dressers, cabinets,  and the like to store the things we need and love in our homes. I love these kinds of things! I am always on the lookout for great storage pieces to improve the function and feel in our home. However, I bet you have an abundance of forgotten spots to store things, spots like:

Behind a door.

What can you put behind a door? The answer is hooks. In all of our bedrooms, we have a hook rack on the wall to hang all kinds of things to make life easier – Robe, towel, back pack, hats, sweater, and such. We want these things handy, but not necessarily out in the open. Behind the door is a great place to stash stuff. You can use an over the door rack, too, and the stuff will be on the door instead of behind it. You can tuck away all kinds of useful things. This is an outstanding place for purses, grocery bags, umbrella, or even a parachute.

Along a stairwell.

In our small house, we have a basement, hence a stairwell. We have a great board with nail hooks to hang all kinds of goodies – aprons, broom and dust pan, duster, flashlights, fly swatter, and a basket with candles. We also have a grocery bag catcher. This space is super hard working and It is a gold mine for storage that’s also super handy. 

Under the bed.

Under the couch works well, too. I’m not talking about throwing things under there willy-nilly of course. I mean in boxes or baskets. Keep things corralled so they are easy to access and easier to keep clean – those dust bunnies can be ferocious. 

The tops of cabinets or tall furniture.

If the space above your kitchen cabinets is open, that’s a fantastic place to store things. But I don’t recommend just tossing stuff up there – that is storage, but not very attractive. Make it useful and good looking by storing the pretty things you may not use very often up there. Or again – catch things in baskets, boxes, or other fun containers. Same with tall furniture – Anyone have an armoire with empty space on top? Use that prized space.


Walls are sneaky spaces? Yep. Going vertical with storage is genius. How about installing open shelving? There are so many options and great styles to work are absolutely going to find something you love. And don’t forget the space over doors and windows. Any kind of hooks, racks, shelves – decorative or just functional (I prefer that they are both usually) – can get you some extra space. Pegboard could even be a great option.

Once you start getting the hang of looking for storage options, you may find all kinds of hot property spots in your home. Please share what sneaky spaces you have discovered!



  1. Alex Bullock says:

    I love seeing your house pics!! ? And thanks for the tip — I haven’t known what to do with all these extra parachutes I have lying around! ?

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