Happy Autumn!

I am going to boldly say that autumn is the coziest season. Who doesn’t love the cooler evenings, a chance to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch, walking through dry, crunchy leaves, or holding a cup of hot chocolate. There will be all things apple and pumpkin spice. We may haul out the slow cooker to have yumminess simmering all day making the house smell fabulous. This is just some of the goodness that comes in the fall package, wrapped up in reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

Super cozy.

No doubt things will look different this year with covid still on the rampage, but I think even with a pandemic we can embrace all the good vibes that are out there this season.

A question for you – Have you heard of hygge? It’s kind of a big thing lately in the trending arena. 

Whether you have or not, let me just share something I came across the other day that will help give some definition and clarification, shared by Laura Byager, a native Scandinavian living in London:

“…Hygge is comfort. It exists only in the complete absence of stress and nuisance and feeds off feelings of happiness and relaxation. It’s not an aesthetic or a trend. 

“Hygge is effortless comfort; it has no element of performance. It is absence of all pretence and worry. The word itself may defy direct translation, but you are very familiar with the concept – trust me. Had a nice dinner with a loved one in a cosy setting? Congratulations, you just had hygge. Enjoying yourself relaxing with a good book? Hygge!”

Don’t you just love that? 

She adds, “….Hygge is just a feeling. It costs absolutely nothing. And the thing is, if you’re even thinking too much about it – if you’re forcing it – you’re missing the point.”

It makes me so happy to know that this feeling is meant to happen without force or money, and that it is happening already. It sure takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

In noodling on the simple coziness of autumn, I’m thinking there are lots of opportunities for this effortless comfort that hygge is all about. And, we love when those happy, relaxed moments are part of our day. Something to look forward to this season.

Just thinking out loud here, and hoping you are feeling all the good feels for the upcoming season. Let me know what hygge looks like for you


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