It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on how the Scamp is doing. Sidney (it’s kind of a thing to name your Scamp) was backed into the garage last fall, been cozied up with all kinds of other garage happenings, and has been loving staying out of the snow.

Our goal is to get Sidney ready for the season by May 1. With a little camper, the camping season gets extended, and we are hoping to get started a little earlier this year. That gives us about 10 or so weeks to get the bulk of things wrapped up.

We started with the windows. Darren popped them all out and we gave them a good scrub down. Scraping all the leftover goo was super rewarding.

You wouldn’t think polishing up the aluminum would be a big deal, but, boy what a difference.

We are getting the exterior ready to paint, so all the stickers have to come off. But let me tell you, getting those to come off is a big pain in the neck, and not rewarding at all. We are working on how to get those off without ruining the fiberglass.

Darren has also been working on the dinette area. The back was originally the table and benches that folded down into the bed and the front area was a little couch. We decided to have the bed be a bed full time in the back and lose the couch by turning that into a dinette made for two. Here is what we started with:

We tossed the mattress on the roof in hopes we can recover it and use it for something else.

Darren tore out the existing structure down to the floor base to start with a clean slate.

We don’t have a bathroom in the scamp and we wanted to sneak in a little potty for stormy, nighttime emergencies, so Darren planned the seating to accommodate the port-a-potty. You can spot that on the right.

Darren built it up again with plywood, measuring how we would fit in it, creating a second small storage area under the left side.

When it’s all closed up, we will have a great spot for another camper, most likely of the grandkiddo variety. Of course we still need some cushions to make it comfy to sleep on.

This cute little spot is snug, but not anymore than the rest of the Scamp. 

Here is the list of what’s left to do:

  • Repair interior insulation and walls
  • Prep and paint interior
  • Exterior body repairs and paint
  • Paint frame
  • Install vent fan and close off old vent
  • Update kitchen area – clean out upper cabinet, add backsplash, install counter
  • Make and install dinette table
  • Make dinette cushions
  • Repair door
  • Install windows
  • Customize mattress to fit bed
  • Replace floor
  • Install interior lights
  • Accessorize and decorate
  • Load it up with camp gear

And quite possibly a few dozen other things we’ve forgotten. 

It’s coming along and we are pretty dang excited to get this baby out and about.

What kind of winter projects are you working on?

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