I have an idea for you today that I think you are really going to like. How would you like your living room to look a little perkier? What about your kitchen counters – are they ready to be revived a bit? Maybe your bedroom could use an update. We’ve all been there, right?

What if I told you this is totally doable without spending a bunch of money, or even any money?

I thought so. Let’s get to it, then.

To breathe new life into a room easily and inexpensively takes just a few tricks:

  • Start with a clean slate. It could be an entire room or just a small spot. I’ll share my living room mantel. I took everything off except for the lamps – they are staying. If you have something that you know works or it’s the only place for it, keep it there. No worries. And sometimes it helps to sit with the blankness for a while. Take the time you need.
  • “Shop” your own stash. I love old things and somehow end up collecting stuff I didn’t intend to. I have a handful of old books which are great to decorate with. I had a few on the mantel but decided to pull most of the ones I own to group them together for impact. I played around until I had an arrangement I liked. I grabbed a little candle from the bathroom, a starfish that was on a different shelf, and an “M”. Moving things around makes them feel new again.9
  • Try something new. The mantel has Christmas stocking hooks that were just sitting there. Our family collected sand from the five great lakes into ornaments. Hooks + ornaments = something new!
  • Take a few photos. Sometimes you miss something that a photo can help you see. I didn’t realize that plopping the green crock in front of the “M” totally blocked it and you couldn’t see what the heck it was. Moving the crock and taking another photo helped.
  • Start small. Or go big. Maybe you just want to switch out one thing, like a lamp or a candle. Look around at what you already have to see if a different size, shape, color, etc will work for you. Or clear off a few spots and rework them all. Or how about doing the mantel and the wall? You can go as big as you’re feeling up to – You choose.
  • Possibly tweak. Yeah, you probably will need to tweak things a bit. It’s all good.
  • Enjoy. Before you know it you have a fresh new look without spending too much, if any, money. And be so happy with yourself for trying something new!

Are you catching the vision for your own home? If you think you’re crumby at decorating, give this a try. You have nothing to lose, and may just discover a hidden talent!

What have you refreshed? What needs refreshing? Let me know!






  1. Alex Bullock says:

    I love this! I’ve been wanting to rearrange some stuff in my living room lately, and I think this is the push I needed to do it!

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