I hope you enjoyed seeing how our patio space was beginning to be transformed. If you missed it, check it out here.

We left off with a bunch of boards stained and the framework ready to be transformed into an amazing outdoor oasis. Let’s keep going!

We wanted to bring in an industrial vibe with all the wood and so one of the items on the shopping list was metal conduit pipe. Darren cut them down to the correct size, and I got out the black spray paint.


There was no formal plan on this project, which is sometimes how we roll around here. But the thing I want to stress to you, is that there are ways to make your home more your own. Some projects will be done and over with in just a jiffy, while others may take time to plan and save for. It may take some time to feel out how your home can work the best it can for you, and that is just fine. We built the pergola after about four years of living here. We had a few other backyard projects to complete before we jumped on this one, and we are so glad we had the time to really know this was going to be such a winner.

We got this thing up with the help of our daughter Alex, who happened to be visiting from Utah at the time. How handy!

We used canvas drop cloths cut into long strips and all hemmed up as “sails” between the slats to offer tons of shade. Hand sewing them around the end pole to get them all consistently taut was the key to getting them just right. 

And then we had this amazing outdoor room! (I know, it feels like with a few words, we had this rockin’ patio. It of course was a little more than that.)

It’s like a resort back here – We are in love!

Instead of making the patio feel smaller, it feels so much more useful and cozy.


When the sun is setting, we just close those curtains and they flutter in the wind while giving us just the right amount of shade.

And we added party lights and this area shines at night! It feels fancy and cozy and gives us all the good vibes. We have built fires out here and roasted marshmallows, all to the glow on our pergola.

Oh. My. Goodness. We could not be happier with how this turned out. 

Here is what we started with:

And what we are loving now:

This is exactly what this little space needed. And what we needed to make it feel like ours.



  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I love your patio! It does feel cozy without feeling cramped or blocked off. Can’t wait to string up lights over my own patio!!

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