I have a project to share with you today!

Let’s start with the why. We have a memory foam mattress that we love to use when we go camping. It fits in the back of our spiffy pickup truck, and we have a super cool tent that fits over the back of the truck like a champ. But when we are not camping, the mattress leans against the wall in our basement. Hmmmm.

Darren is a project finder and doer. He will come up with some of the best ideas, but sometimes I need to be convinced to get on board. This is one of those projects. 

He finally stopped listening to my hesitations and bought all the materials to get going on a Murphy  Bed already.

(Our name is Murphy, hence the double Murphy in the title.)

I am not going to pretend I can fully understand the way this man’s brain works, because it is like he sees finished projects completed in his head. He saw this finished space while it was still a blank wall, with a mattress leaning on it. So this is not a how-to, just a vision of what can be and what came to be.

He started in the oh-so-not square wall corner with the left side of the frame,measured over to the right side, built in the support for the bottom cubbies, and then threw up the top.

(See what I mean about this not being a how-to? There were lots of starts and stops, remeasuring, attaching and detaching, and just all around some things going swimmingly and some not so much. My goal in sharing this is to help you to see there is potential for caring for and storing our loved, useful things in the strangest ways.)

After the cubbies and frame were up, Darren put the mattress “box” together and attached it. This thing snuggly holds the mattress so it stays put when we store it “up”. It doesn’t slide around at all.

And it’s pretty comfy. I’m laying on it in this direction because that is the way we set this baby up. Our ceilings in the basement are just under 8 feet, so in order for the bed to be bed height, we had to orient it this way. I didn’t even know that was an option, but here we are.

Here’s what it looked like closed – it was functional and next we got to spruce it up.

After being inspired by some built-ins at our son and daughter-in-laws place, we added some trim to break up the big expanse of flatness. I got to work painting the whole thing the same color as the walls as we wanted it to blend in. We’ve seen some really cool finishes that make Murphy Beds stand out, but we landed on unifying the whole space, since it is kind of small.

(Side note – I painted the whole thing in the up position, and painted it closed forever. Darren and I had to use a razor and other tools to cut and pry the thing apart. And then I had to sand and touch up the spots that we made a mess of. Dang.)

On to adding hardware. The hinges on the side look pretty good, right? Darren actually cut them apart and mounted them to make it look like there are doors that open out, but it’s just an illusion – Remember this bad boy folds down! The handles are also just for looks. Aren’t we tricky?

The boxes in the bottom are for grandkiddo toys. So happy to have those all in one place and easy for them to access. The boxes in the top cubbies are actually empty still. We hope within a few years to move a few things around when our youngest son moves out, and as we are not desperate for the storage we are going to noodle on how to best use them in the future.

Wondering about the legs that hold it up? We decided not to build those in and we use the coffee table that is already down there. It’s the perfect height and super sturdy (Darren built that, too).

Doesn’t it look so cozy? We can keep the pillows and the bedding all inside when the bed is folded up. There’s even a lamp in there, too, just behind the pillows.

In case you are wondering, we decided to skip painting the inside for now. The added layer of paint would most likely make this impossible to open and close without a crowbar, so we are calling it done.

What do you think? Do you have a Murphy Bed? Or do you have some other clever ways you are storing something unusual? Let us know!

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