How was your holiday weekend? We loved spending time with our family and friends, in a socially distant sort of way. Just seeing loved ones is so good for the soul! I hope you were able to get together with your people.

Have I ever shown you our front porch? It’s a cute little thing and it’s just right for this small house. 

Let me give you a tour.

I love sitting out on the porch. It makes me feel neighborly, especially lately with so many people walking around the neighborhood. This is the view from the sidewalk.

We painted the front door a few years ago and we just love this fun color. It’s such a happy door. Is that a thing?

Next to the door we have the cutest little mailbox. 

One of the things I just love on the porch is this giant lantern. Years ago we used to fill it with whatever seasonal goodies we could scrounge up and even sometimes put a candle in it. But one Christmas we strung a few strands of Christmas lights inside and fell in love. Now we use it all year like this! We have it on a timer and use it as our porch light.

To the left of our door is the leisure space of the porch. At the end is the swing that we love love. 

We’ve had it since we moved to the small house in 2012, and although it has held up like a champ, this year it had to be sanded and repainted. But this baby was worth it. Since this is a covered porch, I’ve sat out here in the rain. It’s just a special place.

The view from the swing is pretty nice, too. The big window on the left is right into the living room, so the porch almost feels like an extension of that room. And see that on the wall?

A chalkboard. It’s such a fun spot for messages. This one is in response to being in the middle of a pandemic.

What is it about a front porch that makes a person feel extra cozy and friendly? It’s a private space that crosses into a public space, so it is a sweet mix of all the good vibes.

Do you have a front porch? Do you get a chance to spend some time on it? What have you done with your porch to make it even more special? Let me know!

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