Did you know that yesterday was National Random Acts of Kindness Day? Don’t worry if you missed it – It’s going on all week.

I have to say that any effort, event, or celebration to show kindness, compassion, or love I am totally on board with. I so appreciate the reminders wherever and whenever they pop up. I mean, I do try to be kind on a regular basis, but I could use a boost every now and then.

As I noodled on it, I thought of some questions that might be good to think about:

  • Why do some people get all weird about having a “day” to show love and kindness? Maybe they haven’t been shown a lot of kindness in their lives. Or maybe they see kindness as a weakness. Or maybe they don’t want to be called out on not being kind enough. I think these people just need to be shown some extra kindness.
  • Who deserves kindness? Um, I’m pretty confident there is no one who is undeserving of kindness. I don’t say that lightly. I’m just pretty darn sure that everyone has a burden of some kind, and that people who do not so nice things probably have more. 
  • Is it always easy to show kindness? Nope. Putting that out there right now. Some people are easy to be kind to and you love to do it. And there are others who we struggle with. I can’t say what to do there. But when I bump up against this struggle I try to remember what I can control. I can control me and I can be kind. At the end of the day I want to say that I tried. And I’ll keep trying. Note: Being kind has nothing to do with putting up with bad behavior (we shouldn’t) or having boundaries (we should). 
  • Which is better – Receiving or giving kindness? They are both good! We know all the good vibes we feel when we are kind. But think of this – If someone is kind to you, they get the good vibes. And isn’t it kind of us to be a part of that for them? It’s like a big cycle of warm fuzzy kindness.
  • Is there any act that is too small? No way. If someone smiles at me in the morning, which may seem like a small kindness, that may have been just what I needed to put a spring in step and have a good day. You just don’t know what small act can really be huge to someone else.

If you head over to the Random Acts of Kindness website you will find all kinds of creative ways to be kind, and you will be super inspired to spread all the kindness all over the place.

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Week! What are you doing to celebrate?

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash


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