Hope you are having a week you enjoy. Sometimes I get a little excited and hope you have a fabulous week, or a terrific week. But maybe you are looking for a calm week, or a productive week. Whatever you are needing, I hope you are having.

Something I’m pretty sure we can all use is more love.

I am certainly no expert in the psychology of love or all the ways love affects our bodies, our hearts, our minds, and our lives. There are probably a million resources to find all that. There are also a million ways to show love, and we all will do that in our own special way. Let’s chat today about how valuable and wonderful it is to love.

{And because I am not an expert in the hows and whys, let me just say this is coming from my own experience and the things I’ve learned from others. We of course all have different needs and abilities and experiences, and I absolutely do not want to assume I have all the answers for everyone.)

I have learned that one of the ways to get more love in my life is to give more of it. This math is amazing! I am sure that God designed it this way, as He loves us the most. HIs two great commandments, to love Him and to love others, is genius. I don’t mean to make light of it, but there are just not enough words for how good for the world it is to love the God who first loved us, and then to share that love with our neighbors, which is everyone. God knows the power of love.

Can you imagine a world where everyone did this just a little bit better?  The cool thing is, when we do a little better at loving God and others, the love comes right back to us, which makes us want to love more, which brings more love, and it keeps going. What a great cycle to be caught up in.

Here are just a few things that may improve as we share love:

Choices – When we choose to love, the things that become available to us improve, and so our choices improve. It’s like we are able to see more options.

Loneliness – I think most people have felt this at some point. It’s hard to feel love when we feel lonely. But if we reach out to someone else in love, even though it may be us that’s feeling low, some of that loneliness will go away. It just will.

Pride – This is a big one. If we have a tendency to set ourselves above others by comparing, or if we get caught up in envy or being a know it all, we’ve got work to do, me included. But seriously, giving love to God, to ourselves, and to others breaks down those tendencies and we can find ourselves on a path of humility. This is where the cycle of love can really shine – As we choose to love we feel less prideful. As we feel less prideful, we want to love more. Oh, the miracle of love!

How to spend our time – There is nothing wrong with downtime in front of the TV, but if we are feeling a lack of direction in our lives, look around, There are lots of ways to share love by sharing our time. Who doesn’t feel more love choosing to spend time serving others? Again, the math. 

Overall joy – I am pretty confident that in addiction to love we could all use a little more joy in our lives. Does anyone have too much? Love comes from our hearts, and I’m pretty sure that’s where we feel joy. When we get the heart going in love, it must shake up joy as well, because we certainly feel it, don’t we?

Fears – Maybe all our fears won’t go away, but we can absolutely get a better handle on them as we feel the warmth, the comfort, and the protection of love. Feeling God’s love for us can lead to a love back to Him. We can then trust Him and the things He has in store for us, crowding out fear.

It would be tempting to wish this worked overnight. But, as we think about how this has played out in the past, we will recognize that the journey is so valuable. The learning, the struggle, and the experience makes all the love so much more meaningful.

We have a perfect example of love in Jesus Christ, We get to love because Christ loved us enough to do everything necessary to save us. It’s so great that at this time of year, we celebrate that amazing love as we celebrate His birth. 

Need help getting started on getting more love out into the world? I got you! 

Check out #lighttheworld. You will find how people use their own special ways to love and to serve others. If you head over to Light the World, you will find great resources to get involved yourself, sign up for daily service prompts, and join millions of others to bring more love into the world.

(While you are over there, please, please, please watch The Christ Child video. You will love it!)

What do you think? How have you seen this work in your life? Let me know!

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

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