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When you think of minimalism, do you think of stark white walls, no personality or charm, sitting on the floor to eat meals, or wearing the same clothes every day? I am surprised when I talk to people about minimalism that these are some of the ideas I hear. 

To be clear, a minimalist life can look like this, but it is just one way it might look. Let’s chat about that today.

I think of minimalism, and so do lots of other people, in this way: Unburdening your home and life of stuff that doesn’t serve you so you can fill it up with what you love. Want to get rid of a bunch of stuff in a spare  bedroom and use that space for a studio?  Want to get off a perpetually busy schedule and find time for your loved ones? Want to have more energy for hobbies instead of cleaning, maintaining, paying for, and caring for unwanted stuff piling up in your home? If you said yes to any of these questions, you may be ready for some minimalism in your life.

The cool thing about minimalism is that you can apply it and live it in a way that works for you. If you like white walls, paint your walls white. If you love lots of color, go for it. Use your favorite collections in ways that make you happy. If you cook like a pro and have a kitchen filled with tools you use, great. If your budget is just how you like it, without a bunch of extra line items that make you twitchy, you are doing just fine. However you want to approach minimalism is totally cool.

Minimalism is a tool you apply to your life, schedule, relationships, budget, and other things to weed out the stuff that you don’t love, you don’t use, and just may be holding you back. We can all use a tool like that in our belt.

Minimizing for the sake of minimizing isn’t the point. The freedom that comes because you have less unimportant things to take care of is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ready to get started minimizing? I got you.

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I would love to hear all about what you minimize!




  1. I love that I have no problem getting rid of stuff AS SOON AS I don’t need them anymore 😊 But I wish I had less, and I love the idea of minimalism ❤️

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