Happy Monday. The beginning of the week, The day we sometimes use as the day to get started on all kinds of things. New diet? Start Monday. Going back to the gym? Monday for sure.

How about if we take this Monday to try something different – Let go of a goal.

Last week we chatted about making lists. List making is a tool, and a good one for lots of things. Let’s talk about what might sometimes.

Have you ever had the kind of thing on your list that gets moved from day to day, or is just always on the bottom of the list, getting passed over all the time? Yeah, me too.

It’s so good that it’s on the list. We put it there because we really wanted to make it happen, and some part of us still does. So why does it not get done?

  • It could be too hard. Is that thing too high in the sky? Is it beyond your capabilities at the moment? It’s good to be inspired to reach beyond your edge, but if it is constantly being looked over as something that is too much for today, maybe it’s just too much. Back it up a bit and see if you can find baby ways to accomplish a giant thing.
  • Doesn’t make sense. What were you thinking? Do you even remember or understand what was going on in your head when this thing got added to the list? If not, maybe it should go.
  • Doesn’t serve anymore. Perhaps something got added to your list that at the time was a gem, but now no longer is relevant. You are a work in progress. Things change. You change. It’s okay that things don’t meet your needs anymore.
  • Doesn’t make your heart sing. Feeling blah about a thing? Maybe you are dragging your feet about a thing. Does it have to happen? If not, nix it.
  • Made it to the list in error. Do you have something on your list that isn’t meant to be there? It happens. Check it off the list.
  • Isn’t healthy. I’ve had things on my list that just are not good for me personally. Maybe you’ve had something similar happen. For me it was hearing about someone else doing that thing, and since I wanted to be cool like that person, it was added to my list. But it just isn’t healthy for me. It should definitely get off my list.
  • No room in my life. I signed up for a creative program that lasts six months. I even paid for it. But every week when the new prompt comes out, I add it to the list with all the other ones I haven’t gotten to. I’ve got too much on my plate right now. It’s going.
  • Just isn’t right. Maybe you have no other reason to give a listed item the stink eye, but it just keeps getting it. Make sure it’s still valuable. If not, ditch it.

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you cross something off your list? Well, you may not feel exactly that when you just take something off. But you will feel a bunch of other really great things. When you give yourself permission to cross something off you didn’t do because it doesn’t serve you, you let go of the stress of seeing it there, not getting done, like a reminder of your failure. You choose to get on with the things that are working for you. 

Find relief, let the stress go, breathe easier, and move on with other things with a little more bounce in step, Without those things weighing you down, You are free to move on to the things that are way more valuable.

Have you been there? Are you there now? Let us know what you’ve crossed off your list without doing>



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