Have you ever just looked around at your home and thought, “Something has got to change. There is too much stuff and it’s all over the place!” Let’s have a chat about that.

Life happens, We have a home, we buy things for it, we put people in it, we buy more things, those people live life, they get busy, they get more things, everyone is still running all over town, we eat, we add more people, we celebrate, we have challenges, we get more things, we have victories, we try to find some down time, we get distracted, we lose people, we get more things, and so on.

Along with all this life, we learn, we grow, we fail, we love, we dislike, we feel great, we feel awful, we plan, we fly by the seat of our pants, we discover, we miss out, we high five, we have regrets, and we carry on. 

Seriously, we have a lot going on.

And we gather so much stuff along the way. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if all the stuff we hang onto made our lives easier, better, more productive, simpler, more prepared, calmer, more energetic, happier, and complete?

It can happen. Let’s start small.

It takes a tiny bit of planning, but this is so doable, even with our very full lives.

Give yourself some space on your calendar, grab some boxes and trash bags, and let’s go.

Open a drawer. Or a closet, cabinet, attic, pantry, or even give a pile the stink eye. Channel your inner “It’s me or you, and it ain’t me” attitude and grab out only the things you know you don’t want. Be realistic and ask yourself if you love or need the things you are staring down. If you don’t love them or need them, out they go.

Decide if it’s trash (it goes in the trash) or if it still has value it can be donated (put in a box and get that box out asap) or sold (get on that pronto as well).

Make sure you have the follow through on your calendar as well. Get the trash out, load up the donations and drop them off or schedule a pickup, and get things listed for sale. Don’t let them hang around. Many a valiant effort has fizzled out because these last steps didn’t happen. Do not stop short of the finish line!

(Sorry to be a little bossy. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it happen so often – We make the hard decisions and do the work, and then all that stuff just sits. It has shifted places and lives in boxes and bags. Move it out!)

You don’t have to do every pile or space in one day. Do a little bit here and there. Put it on your calendar, put on your eviction pants, and get the stuff you don’t want or need out.

You’ve got an amazing life to live. I promise you will be able to live it better without a bunch of junk in the way.

What are you going to start with? Is it on your calendar? Please share!

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