It has been so good to read your responses to what you could fill your time with if you had less stuff to be all concerned about. If you haven’t nailed down what you might do, it’s all good. The possibilities can keep you motivated, too!

I’ve got another suggestion for you on how to reduce the amount of unwanted and unloved stuff you may have in your home:

Take out some decorations.

Really. Take a look around your home. I bet you have some wonderful decor going on. You probably have things that remind you of a loved one or a great event. Maybe some of your decor you’ve picked up in your travels, have had handed down to you, or you scooped up somewhere because you fell in love. 

But as you look around, do you see other things? Maybe one (or all) of these scenarios applies to you:

  • Some of your hand-me-downs are not really your style, but you feel like you should keep it, and even the thought of moving them out brings on guilt feelings. 
  • You have fallen out of love with some of them. You absolutely loved them when you brought them home, but they just aren’t singing for you anymore.
  • You went with a style that was trending in the past and you still have remnants of it that are not jiving with your current look.
  • You bought something as a placeholder and never really loved it. 
  • You have something that you don’t even see anymore, whether that’s because it’s under something else or you just are immune to it. It happens.
  • You have something you don’t even know where it came from, why it’s in your home, and it’s just all kinds of wrong.

I have a suggestion for you. Grab a box. Walk around and grab any decor you don’t love or want and toss it in the box. If you are ready, put that box in your trunk and drive to the nearest donation center. 

Or, just seal that box up, put a date on the outside along with a general idea of what’s in that box and store it out of the way. Make a note in your calendar for 4-6 months out to check on that box.If you have not been tempted by anything in there you know you haven’t missed a thing. If you have loved having the space where all that stuff was, you can safely move those things on to someone else who can give them a home.

If after a while you really miss something, go get it out of the box. You’ll know it’s earned a place in your life if you keep dreaming about it. 

Just be careful you aren’t bringing things back out of guilt – Guilt over money spent, a gift that you don’t want, changing tastes, falling out of love with something, or any other reason you can think up. Don’t let those unwanted make the decisions for you. If you are ready to move them along, go for it. You own them and you can make the decision with a clear conscience to un-own them.

What do you think? Will you give this a try? Which room do you think you would start with?

Let me know if you’ve done this or need a cheerleader to get you started!

6 thoughts on “LESS DECORATIONS

  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I have really been focusing on not buying things as placeholders. I have to REALLY love it before it comes home with me. That way, I know it’s going to have a place in my home and heart. ☺️

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