Welcome to Monday morning.

How was your weekend? Do the weekend days look different to you even in the stay at home order?  Do you still try to make it special from the working week? Darren is still working, which is the only thing that makes my week look different from the weekend, and Sundays are always a special day to rest from the world and focus on God.

Something I’ve noticed in my life is I have stuff gathered where I use it. This makes sense, right? Like keeping your toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom where you brush your teeth. But have you ever realized how corralling together the things you use for different things make a task or project easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient? Do you notice that we kind of have all kinds of “kits” in our lives? Let me share a few of mine.

After I shower and get ready for the day, I have all the things I need to get ready in one drawer. It’s all right there handy. I don’t have to go anywhere else to get myself ready for the day – I keep my supplies right there in the bathroom.

Another thing I really like to do is bake. I enjoy the process and the yummy results. My experience is made better because I have a “baking box” – a box I keep right in my kitchen cabinet that contains most of the things I need for any baking adventure. I just pull that out and I’m ready to go.

Are you picking up what I’m laying down? We might have all kinds of these collections in our day to day, maybe some you don’t even realize.

Here are a few other setups, official or not, that you may have:


Bedtime stuff

Work bag

Gym bag

School bag

Hobby equipment

Tool belt



Travel bags

Emergency kit

First aid kit

Do any of these look familiar? Does this sound like something you have? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

Either way, I am challenging you to look around. Notice the way you use your things each day. Are you mostly staying put for a task or project or are you having to go from here to there gathering what you need? When it’s time to clean up, is it fairly easy to pop things back where they go, or are you tired from all the running around and it’s just too much to get things put away?

If you are experiencing more of the latter, it can be so much better! Setting up boxes, bags, baskets, drawers, cupboards, satchels, or kits can make a gigantic difference in helping our lives to be smoother, calmer, and neater. And who doesn’t want that?

On Thursday, I will show you some of my kits, how I set them up, and how they benefit my whole family. 

So, keep an eye out over the next few days to see where you might be able to use a kit. And let’s talk about them. Do you already have some set up? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “KITS

  1. Lauren bonney says:

    I have kits for my cleaning supplies. It’s not in each room but they are all together so when I need them I know exactly where to go.

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