Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

Thanks for the conversation about last weeks post on my kitchen cabinet. The tips I shared should work for just about any space you can come up with that needs love and attention. Take things a little at a time and before you know it, you are good as gold.

But did you notice the lack of photos? Not sure what happened there, but I didn’t get any in the post. Dang it.

So, here is some artwork to supplement last week’s adventure.

Here is where I started. Not the worst it’s ever been, but it was not serving us well at all. You can see I already had a few things out when I remembered to take the shot.

We keep most of our food in the basement as we don’t have a pantry in our small kitchen, so we really only have a few things we need to have a home for – Mostly opened food packages of ingredients. And peanut butter. Absolutely peanut butter.

Super thrilling picture here I know. But an empty shelf really is the way to get this done. It may look worse in the middle of this process, but don’t give up! If you stop before you get everything back where you want it, you will either have stuff all over the counters, or you may be tempted to shove all the stuff back in. Just breathe, and keep going.

We have these cutie little shelves attached to the door that really help to corral the small items and keep the things we used the most right at hand. It worked fine with the jars that things came in, but it was kind of a mess. The giant Costco bottles were a little unnecessary and took up lots of valuable real estate. 

So I found these great square jars on Amazon that are just right for the space I was working with. I could hardly wait for them to get to my house to finish this up!

It looks so much more cohesive and I can fit more handy things on the handy shelf. I also like to use little canning jars for making my own mixes.

We ended up putting another handy shelf on the left side as well (which you can catch in the lower left corner). 

This cabinet is a done deal. I moved things around a bit from shelf to shelf, putting the things we use more often closer at hand. It’s not radically different, but enough so that it’s easier to get to and use the goodies inside. 

Can you tell the top shelf is kind of empty in the back? I need a chair to reach that shelf so I would only put things up there that we use every once in a while. That works for us. That’s why I show you how it’s done so you can do you with it.

What are you going to try this on?




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