Are you a morning person? Do you have a hard time getting going each day? Are the mornings crazy because of who you share your world with? 

How often do you wake up and think, “it’s gonna be a good day”? 

Confession – I used to be the WORST in the mornings. Really bad. It would be a big mistake to talk to me in the morning. I don’t know why I was so rotten like that. Not a place I want to go back to.

So I made the choice to change. This is not to say I woke up one day, voila! A happy sunny morning person has arrived! The change is still in progress today.

Do you love to hear about how other people handle their mornings? Google “morning routines” and you will find a million ideas (work on a crossword puzzle? I don’t think so) you can incorporate into the start of your day. But the thing it’s important to remember – those are other people’s mornings and the things that work for them. 

And08 be aware – Reading others’ fabulous routines might push you over the I-can-never-cram-all-this-in edge. What you see online is most likely an ideal scenario, and the pictures are most likely photo-shopped. Don’t worry about making your morning look like anyone else’s – you do you.

When I decided to make my mornings better, I had a bunch of little kiddos. Which meant I needed to get up before them if I was going to tackle anything on my own. Sometimes that happened. I decided to add some things in (walking with a friend, studying my scriptures, showering) that would definitely start me off on the right foot. I was doing pretty darn good for a while.

And then things changed. It got too cold to walk in the winter so that got dropped. I would sometimes fall asleep reading my scriptures, so I could check it off, but wasn’t really benefiting a whole heck of a lot. But showering every morning stuck, even if it wasn’t first thing.

As my family grew, I learned new ways to use my mornings. Some things have been winners (smoothies every morning), some things didn’t work at all (meditating = back to sleep), and some things just got forgotten (Ummmm….). Some mornings go smoothly like I dream of, some are a hot mess. Such is life.

Something that really helped my mornings was a change I made at night. I set a “time to get ready for bed” alarm. It helped me to wrap up what I was doing, get myself ready for bed and for sleep at a decent time in relation to what time I want to get up. I used it for a long time and got out of the habit during the covid shutdown. It is absolutely time to work that back into my evenings. I’m setting it right now. I guess that was a forgotten thing.

(There are all kinds of bedtime routines to Google, too. That is a conversation for us for another time perhaps.) 

What does this have to do with anything here on Small House Great Love? Well –

  • We should be giving ourselves all kinds of great love, no matter what our house. And having less stuff to deal with gives us more time for self loving. (You knew I was going to say that, right?) 
  • Just because we are currently one way (like a grouchy non-morning person) doesn’t mean we always have to stay that way. We can choose to make changes that are all about growth.
  • Getting rid of stuff that doesn’t work for our lives, families, schedules, or energies is what we try to do here. Sometimes successfully.
  • Things change. Circumstances, family dynamics, health, schedules, etc have ups and downs. We should work with that.
  • We try not to keep up with others, right? Well, we do try. We try looking inward for what we need and like and what works for us, and morning routines are no different.

I’m not going to tell you anything else about my mornings, but will you share something that has worked for you? I know you’ve got some good stuff!


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