I have a great tutorial for you today! 

Because I love rescuing old things like dishes, potato chip tins, and furniture, I come across some things in various states of “charm”, meaning some of my treasures are a hot mess. But I love making old things new and I found a great recipe for restoring old wood furniture. 

This comes courtesy of Andrea Dekker, a cute, clever, and industrious young mom with lots of genius ideas. I just had to share this one with all of you, because it was super cheap, super easy, and I ended up with super great results. And it took about 30 minutes. 

Let me show you!

I’ve had these old wooden folding chairs for years, and usually we keep them in the basement. But a few years ago we needed them on the patio and they have lived outside since then. I should have brought them in, but honestly I thought they would be okay as they were under the eaves. 

They weren’t. They got so dull and dried out, and looked like they were on their last legs. (See how I did that? Legs? Okay, moving on.) But they weren’t! These babies were built to last and they have plenty of bum holding left in them. 

I had nothing to lose and lots to gain by trying out this great trick. I’ve followed Andrea for years and she has never steered my wrong, so I trusted that this was going to be magical. 

Here they are before. Cute, right? Cute but sad looking. 


Here’s what I used:

6 TBSP Oil

2 TBSP Vinegar

Here’s what I did:

Make sure to start by wiping down the furniture. Combine the oil and vinegar in a small bowl. Use a clean rag to dip into oil/vinegar solution and gently rub into wood. Let sit for about 30 minutes. Wipe any excess with a clean cloth.

Seriously, that is it!

Look how they turned out!

They are so glorious in their spiffiness. Here are a few more before and afters for you to feast your eyes on.


What a difference! I love that there is no sanding or stinky chemicals involved. It was as easy as wiping them with a rag.

You are going to love this! Let me know if you try this on any old wood you have.



  1. Alex Bullock says:

    “See how I did that? Legs? Okay, moving on.” Oh man, you crack me up! 😂 But seriously, nice job with the chairs!!

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