I have a fun little project for today. If you’re not into easy, inexpensive, super cute, difficult to do wrong, fun to do with friends (or by yourself even) crafty things, that’s cool. I’ll catch you next time.

But if you are, let me show you.

When I found these several years ago, I was looking for something for my seminary students for Christmas. (I used to teach seminary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – an early morning religion class for high school students. We met every school day before they went to their schools.) I had between 16-20 students each year and not much budget, so I’ve made bunches of these stars. 

I’ve also made them with grandkiddos – Making them is so easy to do that they were able to do most of it. Even if things get a little crookedy, the stars will turn out just fine.

(Here is where I found the tutorial. Maria has a video to walk you through the whole thing.)

Start with scrapbook paper. Seriously, I have used all kinds of patterns and colors to make them, and there is no wrong design. I’ve not used white, but I bet that would be pretty, too.

Cut two pieces of paper into a square. I used 6” for these ones because I have a book of 6” paper. But these could be really dramatic made with 12” x 12”, or as small as 4” for little ornaments. You choose.

Keeping the paper together, fold (and unfold) in half both ways edge to edge, and then in half both ways, corner to corner. You end up with lots of folds.

Cut about halfway to center on the four folds coming from the edges.

Still keeping them together, fold each corner in like a kite. You end up with a flat four pointed star shape kind of thing.

Now pull them apart and you have two separate pieces to work with.

Now comes the hot glue. Marie (in the video) said she tried double sided tape but it took longer. I went with hot glue. One flap on each point gets a spot of glue and attaches to the other flap.

Now you end up with a 3D pointed star shape kind of thing.

Grab a ribbon or a piece of string and glue it to the inside of one of the points before you do the same thing with the other sheet of paper.

Then you have two like this.

See how wonky they look? No worries, they will still be so cute.

Pop a dot of glue on each corner of the triangle you just created on one of the halves and then fit the other half to it, offsetting the points.

If you kind of hold the centers of each half and smoosh them gently together, you will get most of the wonkiness out and have a pretty good looking star. You may need to fill in with a few more spots of glue, but this should hold it all together.

Marie gives a tip on how to put a little note in them. This is fun to do, making an advent with a scripture in each one or giving them to friends with a personal message. 

And then you have these great looking stars!

Really, these could hardly be easier to make and they look so fancy.


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