People regularly ask me, “how do you know what to get rid of and what to keep?” I thought I would jump on this question today – maybe you have the same question.

We all have stuff. We love some of it. We need some of it. We want some of it.

And some we don’t love, need or want.

Do you find that with some of your stuff, you know just where it falls on the love/need/want scale and other stuff you just don’t know? Same here.

And then what about the stuff we don’t love/need/want, but think we should keep? I’m talking about gifts from others that we would never choose, duplicates in case we need a back up, things that we spent money on and keep even though they aren’t working for us anymore, things that are fine things but we haven’t thought or or touched in forever, and things that have just finished their purpose with us.

(Today we are talking about physical stuff in our homes. We will get to other things that need to be simplified in future posts. Things like calendars, relationships, expenses.)

How can we make the best decisions to know what to keep and what to move out of our homes and lives? I know some of  the things we tell ourselves, “what if I need it?”, “I can’t get rid of the thing that Auntie gifted me”, or “I spent good money on that!”. Let’s just calm these voices, okay?

Before you get started, know that you don’t have to figure everything out right now. Or even all at once. Give yourself the time and space to move at a pace that is comfy for you. Since there is not a “one-size-fits-all” way to make this work, you don’t need to compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Also, know that you can do this! Some people think that because they have always had tendencies to keep every single thing, they cannot change. Not true! We can all learn new skills, and that is exactly what I share – skills. Skills that will help you make some terrific progress on simplifying your home and your life.

The thing is, this can be a pretty straightforward process. If you will honestly answer just a few questions about items in your home, you can really get a clear picture of what is a burden and what deserves space in your home. Here are the questions:

Do I need this?

Why do I have this?

Once you determine the answers to these two questions, then you can ask the next question:

What do I do with it now?

And here is how it can work – Check this out:

See how simple? Not always easy, but the process can be that simple.

Remember, you gotta be honest. It’s an easy thing to do to say, “I need it all!”, but I don’t recommend that approach.

If you really are struggling with something in particular, that is totally okay. Set it aside for the time being and move on. Don’t fret one bit. This is your process and you can make the decision about any item in your own time.

Was this helpful? Do you feel empowered? Can you see yourself being successful with this?

I would love to hear what you think!


Photo by Luca Laurence on Unsplash


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