Happy Monday!

I love November. It is a month of reflection and anticipation. This year is definitely different, but I still feel the pull of November.

Part of that reflection is recognizing my blessings. I don’t think I’m unusual in this as our country celebrates Thanksgiving. I love that we can slow down a bit if we take the time to really consider what we are grateful for.

Can I make an observation? Thanks.

When we are in a state of thanksgiving, we recognize what we value most (obviously). But how cool would it be as we do that, that we can see what we don’t value and move it out of our lives?

Decluttering shows gratitude. Can you see it? When we let go of the things we don’t value, the remaining have a chance to breathe, to shine, and to be more of a presence in our lives. The remaining is the best. Why wouldn’t we want to hang out in and with the best more often?

This can apply to:

Relationships: We love when we are with people who are supportive, uplifting, and caring. Why hang onto relationships that don’t bring out the best in us? Take a look around at the people in your life. Consider moving away from those that are less than healthy.

Social Media: There are all kinds of reports about how social media can turn on us if we are not careful. Be careful by choosing to use the ones, and what we follow on the ones we keep, that serve you. Ditch the ones that bring shame, feelings of not measuring up, and/or the ones that turn us away from good. 

Calendar: A prime area that gets cluttered. By saying no to things that are just okay, we can use our valuable time to say yes to the things we love the most.

Belongings: You knew this was coming, right? See here and here for this discussion.

Thoughts: This can be tricky, but booting negative thoughts to the curb and choosing healthier ones, including counting our blessings, can bring a peace like no other. 

Habits: We are not stuck with all our bad habits – We can leave those behind! Practicing gratitude helps us to see more clearly the way we want to live, and we absolutely get to choose how we behave each day.

One more suggestion here – we don’t need to ditch everything all at once. Let it be a journey. Be grateful for the process of letting go, too. Give those things you say goodbye to a little high five – Some of them were most likely important in your life at some point. This takes practice for sure, but even the effort is magical.

Give it a try. See how when you let go of the things that take up space in your house but not in your heart, you feel lighter, more at peace, and more grateful for what you keep. You can use that to encourage more decluttering, which brings more of that goodness. An awesome cycle.

What do you think? Where do you feel the pull to start? I would love to hear about it.

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