How are you doing? What have you been up to? Now that it’s officially summer and our state has opened up some, we are planning our first short camping trip. We are looking forward to getting outside and exploring a new area. Not that we don’t love love being home, but it will be nice to wander a bit.

On the subject of home, let’s chat about how we treat it. 

We love that our homes offer shelter, warmth, a place for sharing, learning, and loving, and a place for entertaining and inviting others into. Our home makes a statement about who we are, what we believe in, and how we treat the world. We gather together or spend time alone. 

Our homes are great! But we don’t always show the warm fuzzies to the place we expect so much from. We may sometimes ignore it, treat it like a hotel, or basically use it up and spit it out. We don’t mean to treat what should be the best place on earth poorly, but we may get lazy, distracted, or too busy to notice the fallout in the us/home relationship.

I’m not a therapist or a relationship expert, but I can help with one thing that may be happening in your home.

We sometimes treat our home like a storage unit.

We bring stuff in. And then more stuff. And more. We shuffle things around to make it all fit. We get creative with storage solutions, buying cool organizing systems or shoving our possessions in all kinds of nooks and crannies. If we are not careful our stuff may squeeze us out. One way that nine percent of households handle this problem is to spend about $90 a month for a storage facility. Or they end up thinking they need a bigger house to store all the stuff. (That’s not to say we may need a bigger house for more bodies, but that’s not what we are talking about.) 

Take a minute to think about your home. Are you stashing stuff that never sees the light of day? Are you tripping over piles of who-knows-what or working around things stacked up on all the flat surfaces? Are you pushing things aside to get to the stuff you really want? Maybe it’s not everywhere, but as you look around, you may be thinking, “hmmm, some of my stuff is kind of making itself at home and not doing much, plus it’s really not singing to me anymore either”. 

So, what do you do? The stuff you don’t love or is useless, you move on out!

I know. Easier said than done, but no one says you have to do it right now or all at once. Here are a few things to try if you are short on time, energy, motivation, or stamina.

Maybe you walk around your home with a box and grab all the things you know for sure you are so done with. Fill that baby up and take it directly to its new home, either to someone who can use it or a donation center. Or you can start with a trash can. You get the idea.

Try setting a timer and focusing on one area. Having trouble knowing what to hang on to? Check out this post for a refresher.

Visualization is super helpful to get motivated. Think of a storage unit, with boxes and odds & ends every which way – Not a great place to share, learn, love, and gather. Now think of what you want for your home. I bet it doesn’t include the way you would feel living in a shed. Use whatever vision you have of your home to get you rolling, finding new homes for stuff that has overstayed it’s welcome at your place.

Do you find yourself occasionally treating your home like a storage unit? Are you ready to show it all the love by unburdening it? Let me know how it goes!


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