It’s Friday once again and I am happy to have a few days at home to catch up on a million things. As it is Patriot Day today, I am also taking some time to remember the events of this day in 2001. We must never forget the many who innocently perished, the others that were miraculously spared, the countless people who served any way they could, and the unity that brought our nation together. As we tenderly honor outwardly, it’s valuable also to take stock inwardly, to renew our commitment to love our God and our country, and to love humans everywhere. Think of the good that can happen as we remember!

I’ve gathered some goodness to share with you today. 

Amazing Portrait Art Created on Old Typewriters. What? Please go see it here.

Cool Photos of Kitchens in the 1960s here.

It is apple season in Michigan – Here is  a yummy looking recipe for Spiced Pecan Apple Cider Doughnut Cake.

8 Outdated Rules for Healthy Eating That We’re Ditching – good food for thought here.

Do you have lots of zucchini hanging around? Here’s a good recipe to try.

A simple statement of truth as we remember. (And this is an excellent blog.) Here.

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