We took the camper out this weekend!

We bought this little cutie two weeks ago. It was not ready in the least for us to use as a couple – It was last decorated and set up to use by a single woman who described her style as “gypsy”. There were some structural and behind the scene issues that had to be addressed, including wiring, creating a space for a bigger bed, fixing the door, getting new tires, and finding a water leak, as well as just removing as much of the flowery gypsy look as we could.

Darren has been working on it nearly every day since we backed it into our driveway. He has a very long list of improvements with “the things that must be done before our first trip” starred. He put the list away two days before we rolled out.

After removing the carpet from the lower half of the walls, Darren installed very thin insulation and white vinyl with a special adhesive. (On Scamp campers, all screws and other such attachments will pop through to the other side, meaning the outside of the camper. One must be super clever to avoid this as much as possible.) After a few days, it was obvious that the glue was not holding well – so frustrating to the guy who has spent hours getting it up there just right with minimal bubbles and seams.

I know he was thinking about how else to get that stuff to stay put (this is how his mind works), but we were running out of time. He would have stayed up all night to get it right if I didn’t talk him down from the edge.

So what did we do? We just left it. We gathered up all the tools and all the extra materials – basically anything we weren’t taking camping – and got them out. After we scrubbed the camper down, we brought in all the camping gear, blankets, pillows, and even a few accessories, hung up some curtains, and then we chilled for a while, dreaming up all kinds of possibilities.

And we had a terrific time!

All of this to bring up a point – Don’t wait for perfect.

Why the heck would you? Let me back up; I know. I’ve been there and still there in some ways. I think we all want to present our very best to the world, with it’s constantly changing ideas of what perfection is.We get a gazillion messages of what it looks like, how to achieve it, and how everyone else already has it. And in the meantime, we make ourselves sick and stressed trying to keep up. Have you ever noticed how rarely you achieve it? 

Maybe instead we can go with what is. Sure, we are all a work in progress, but wherever we are when it’s time for life is where we are. Why try to impress a fickle world when there is life to be lived? 

You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life.  (What movie is this great advice from?) We get to decide what we want to do, without giving a hoot about what others may think – That is up to them. And if they want their story to have negative, judgy thoughts, they can lead that kind of life.

There are so many arenas this applies –

Campers – If we waited for this thing to be perfect before we took it out, we would never go. It’s vintage, and almost by definition, it’s imperfect. There will always be something else to do on it. So go camping.

Not only campers – How about any other adventures? Get out there – They may not be magazine worthy, but they are yours and you will come away with amazing memories. So go adventuring.

Homes – Don’t wait to have company over because your home is not perfect. You are there, and that’s what most people are coming for anyway. So invite others into your space.

Bodies – Yep, I’m going here, too. Our bodies allow us to do so much. They take all kinds of negative vibes, and we may beat them with grueling workouts and starve them of food, and they are still here. They tend to bounce back from all of that, although not always. Our bodies will never be perfect according to a constantly changing standard set by those whose job it is to make money off what we will desperately buy and do to reach that non-existent achievement. Your body is such a gift. So go live.

Calendars – Why wait for the perfect event to pop up? Or why fill your life up with stuff you aren’t really interested in? Or even fill it up at all when all that stuff might be making you crazy? So fill it up, or not, the way you want. 

Knowledge – You may not know everything about anything, but that doesn’t mean you can teach and enjoy what you do know. Learning should be continual. So go share. 

Anything else – What else? Maybe a new hobby, a new business, a new plan. You don’t have to have a whole perfect plan to get started. So go start.

Are you ready? What are you going to stop waiting for? Let me know!


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