Thank you so much for the feedback on my post about my newest adventure – It means so much to me to have cheerleaders! My plan is to show them off later this week.

This past weekend marks seven months since my first post on Small House Great Love. It’s a little crazy because I feel like I just got here, and also because 2020 has lasted for 72 years.

I know, I missed a more traditional mark like six months, but… I missed it. (I tried to come up with something snappy here, but the truth is, it didn’t even cross my mind.)

But, seven months. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for helping me to create something of value, and also for letting me know where I can improve. 

I wasn’t quite sure how this would go. I had talked about building a website and blog for a while, but like more times that I want to admit, I kept putting it off. It seemed safer to keep the idea tucked away in my dreams.

Boy was it safer, and a whole lot easier. I have learned more tech stuff than I ever planned to, gotten frustrated when things did not go right, questioned what the heck I was doing, and more than once I’ve considered letting it go. I’ve had to call on reserves within myself to keep going and I’ve spent time writing and creating when I didn’t always have something to write or create. I don’t consider myself fabulous with words, but I’m not too bad and I have improved. I like the things I have to share – my stories, experiences, discoveries, talents, trial and errors, and myself. But it is work. Most of the time I like it, but not always, especially when I wonder where I’m going.

Honestly, I don’t really know where I’m headed. I just was tired of being afraid to start. So I did start. I put myself out there whether this thing works or it’s a big fat stinker.

I’m not holding myself to any time table (I know I can say goodbye whenever I want) or super insane goals (a gazillion followers). I’m just feeling my way around something out of my comfort zone, in hopes that I will discover new people, ideas, plans, and dreams.

Do you ever feel that way? That there is something out there, not sure what yet, but an idea comes along that can put you on the road to discovery. You have a few options with that something that is out there. You can push the idea off until whatever is holding you back – the dream must be fail-proof or you get over the fear of failing or you tackle every possible what ifs or after the windows get washed – and then wake up one day realizing you didn’t do it. You didn’t even try. You missed out on a thing that could have been a something because it never got a chance to be. 

Or you can do it. Really, just start. It can be that easy. Just do the thing, whatever it is. Take a step in the dark. Trust that whatever is calling for you is worth exploring. Bring the something out into the light and see where it leads you.

Of course, you may learn more than you ever wanted, get super frustrated, question a thousand times what the heck you are doing, think about quitting, dig deep to make it happen and do the work even if you don’t feel like it. 

But, you will also get to learn some cool things (and impress your friends), practice patience, have the opportunity to keep choosing your adventure, hang tough while developing endurance (when you would rather take a nap on the couch), and discover strengths you didn’t even know you had. 

Then one day you can wake up and realize you did it, stinker or not.



9 thoughts on “DOING THE SOMETHING

  1. Way to go, Teresa! You are doing the thing! And I decided to finally do the thing (or at least one of the things!) by calling you for help! And part of the reason I made that decision is because of reading your blog…so keep it up! 😄

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