Welcome to Monday! Hope your weekend was fantastic. We had such a fun adventure camping with our daughter and her family. We loved it!

I have a project to share with you today. Pillowcases.

I know. You can just buy them. But for me, pillows are such an easy way to be pretty special without adding a lot of “stuff”. We need pillows, right? And there is no rule that says scaling back on our possessions means living without character and personality. Pillowcases are just one of those things that can help a space shine. And they don’t require a long term commitment, so you can bring in something fun for now, change it out in a few years, or even for the seasons. 

I’ve used this tutorial many times, and it always works like a champ.

This tri-color cuff pillow case is just enough to be all like, “Yeah, I’m special, but not too showy”. I love that sassy kind of attitude.

Seriously, just follow the instructions on this one. I am the worst with figuring out these kind of projects with turns and strange “burrito methods” (go check the tutorial to see what I’m talking about on that). But I followed the instructions step by step and it totally works. Every single time. Yay!

Piece of cake. So good at looking special, without trying too hard. “No big deal. We’re just pillow cases. Oh yeah, and we are tri-colored.”

Close-up. Looks so complicated, but it is so not. The tutorial tells you everything you need, including measurements for different size pillows.

I am really super happy with how these turned out. You can really get creative with the colors and patterns and personality here.

If you are new to sewing or really a beginner, I think you can pull this off. The instructions are really good and it’s all straight lines. You can have some cutie pillowcases in no time!

Have you made pillowcases before? Have you even thought of it? Let me know!

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