Happy Thursday! Cannot even believe we are wrapping up January and marching into February. 2021 is moving right along.

Lately we have been trying to be more aware of our trash and how we can produce less of it. There are plenty of websites that teach how to have zero waste production, and while I admire their enthusiasm, they can be a little intimidating. Not to mention pricey. 

I get it though. As with many things that are valuable, reducing the things we throw away can be an investment in thought, energy, money, and time. 

As a good citizen of Earth, I do want to try to improve a little each day. Our city has a recycling program, including hazardous waste drop-offs. We got a composter and last fall mixed into our garden the first batch of super rich material. We have washed out zipper-style baggies for years. We shop used and try to donate or sell things that don’t serve us instead of just tossing them. We use reusable bags at all the stores, including the produce store.

Not to say we don’t throw away a recyclable, buy new stuff, or bring home a plastic bag or two. We are just doing what we can. No shame in that for any of us.

I want to share a fun gift that I got for Christmas – A DIY Beeswax Food Wraps Kit – that will help us to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic.

This cutie little gift came from an Etsy shop called Wild Roots Living. Their mission is to encourage people and communities to live as sustainable as possible. (I’m not a sponsor, just a fan9.)

This is what the kit looked like when I opened it up. (This is not my kit. I of course forgot to take a photo before I dug in. I got so excited!)

It comes with everything you need to create four different sized wraps, including really great instructions and a plantable business card. This really was a piece of cake project.

I started with the smallest size, with one little beeswax hexagon, popped it in the oven to melt for about 10 minutes, spread the melted wax around with the popsicle stick, and then held it up to cool for like 30 seconds.Could not be easier. Done.

But I must pause here to tell you that the smell of the beeswax melting was AMAZING. I was not expecting that at all. And I am thrilled that the finished product smells like all the same waxy-honey goodness. I keep showing off my new wraps and encouraging everyone to smell it, too. I know, it’s a little strange. But really, it’s that good. You would want to do the same thing.

Okay – After the first wrap was done, I moved on to the next three wraps like a champ. In under an hour I had with my own hands created a way to use less plastic wrap. Love that. And because I made these myself, I will be more inclined to use them, feeling like a super Earth-friendly kind of girl.

Although they don’t last forever, I can count on them for about a year, and when they are worn out we can use them as firestarters or toss them in our compost. That’s pretty cool.

Did I mention they are easy to clean? Yep, they are.

Like I said, there are a million ways we can reduce the amount of trash we produce, and it can get overwhelming to think about trying to do everything. I’m just one person looking for ways to make a difference in my little spot on the planet, trying things here and there that we can make work in our lives. Using reusable food wraps will definitely work.

Are you finding ways to produce less trash in your home? Let me know what’s been working!


  1. Valerie J Mercado says:

    Such a cute idea! We compost and recycle as much as we can. Resuasble bags are being allowed again, so that’s nice 🙂

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